Croatian jailed over brutal Mexican tourist murder

A local court sentenced a Croatian man Thursday to 15 years in jail for the brutal killing of a Mexican tourist on the Adriatic coast last year.

Unemployed construction worker Edi Misic was found guilty of murdering Selena Margarit Graciano Macedo, 31, in the central coastal town of Split last August, national HRT television reported.

Misic pleaded not guilty and remained silent during the trial, which opened in May.

Prosecutors demanded a maximum 40-year jail term for Misic for a murder they described as "monstruous".

Misic, 29, intercepted the Mexican tourist in a park near Split, tied her hands and taped her mouth. After dragging her to a hidden location, he slit her throat, the court found.

The woman's body was found a few days later, covered with stones, soil and branches.

Croatia, whose economy relies heavily on tourism with more than 10 million visitors a year, is usually considered a safe destination.