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Fighting in the Sinai since Mubarak's fall


Key incidents in Egypt's Sinai peninsula, where attacks have surged since president Hosni Mubarak was ousted in February 2011.

The region is mostly populated by Bedouins who have conflictual relations with Egyptian authorities in Cairo, and has become a centre of Islamist activity.


- August 18: Gunmen from Sinai kill eight Israelis, including a soldier and a police officer, in attacks in neighbouring Israel.

Israeli forces chase the assailants and kill seven, along with five Egyptian police officers. Egypt recalls its ambassador from Israel in protest.


- June 18: Two gunmen and an Israeli civilian are killed in a firefight along Israel's southern border with Egypt.

To prevent infiltration and attacks, Israel speeds up construction of a wall along its border with Egypt.

- July 13-16: Bedouin tribesmen abduct and then release two US tourists, along with their Egyptian guide.

- July 19: Gunmen believed to be Islamist militants kill two Egyptian soldiers in northern Sinai.

- August 5: Gunmen kill 16 guards in Egypt near the border with Israel before crossing into the Jewish state where they are attacked by a helicopter.

The attack takes place roughly five weeks after Islamist president Mohamed Morsi comes to power, and is the worst against Egyptian forces in Sinai since the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty of 1979, when the peninsula was returned to Egypt.

- August 8: Egyptian forces kill 20 militants in Sinai, hours after the military funerals for the 16 killed guards. Israel hails the attacks.

- August 9: In accord with Israel, Egypt deploys troops in the Sinai.

- September 21: Militants infiltrate Israel from the Sinai and clash with Israeli troops. Three of the assailants and an Israeli soldier are killed.

-- 2013 --

- July 16: Israel agrees to a reinforcement of Egyptian troops in the Sinai almost two weeks after the army ousts president Morsi.

- July 19: Israel deploys its "Iron Dome" missile defence system in the Red Sea resort town of Eilat.

- August 8: Israel briefly shuts down the Eilat airport over unspecified security concerns.

- August 9: An Egyptian air strike kills four Egyptian militants as they prepared to fire a rocket into Israel. An Islamist group claims the strike was carried out by Israeli drones.

- August 11: Egyptian air strikes near the Sinai village of Touma kill at least eight militants and destroy a weapons depot. The raid brings to almost 70 the number of militants killed by the army in the region since Morsi was ousted.

- August 13: Israel intercepts a rocket fired at Eilat from the Sinai.

- August 15: At least seven Egyptian soldiers are killed in an attack near the northern town of El-Arish.

- August 19: Militants kill 25 Egyptian police in an attack on two buses heading towards the border town of Rafah, in the deadliest attack of its kind in years.

Another policemen is killed in El-Arish, bringing to 75 the number of police officers and soldiers killed in the Sinai since Morsi was ousted, according to an AFP count.