Figure skating: Plushenko seeks top finish at Sochi

Russian figure skating star Yevgeny Plushenko has said he is determined to regain top form in time for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi where he intends to end his career.

"I still have a huge desire to practice and compete," Plushenko was quoted as saying by Russia's media project "2014 Olympic squad".

"And I feel I'm capable of performing at the top level in Sochi. I just need to recover completely from all of my injuries."

"I'm on my way to a complete recovery from the surgery which I underwent on my back.

"I feel well and have already practiced quadruples in training. A relapse of my back injury is the only thing that can prevent me from achieving a top-class result at Sochi."

Plushenko said that he and his team had already completed work on his short programme, adding that his new free routine would be a mix of his best previous free programmes.

"It was my coach Alexei Mishin's idea," Plushenko said.

"My free routine will be a combined of my past best programmes. It's a completely new idea, nobody did it in figure skating before."

"If everything goes all right the Sochi Olympics will be my curtain-closing event. And every figure skating lover would be able to see his own Plushenko there -- the 18-year-old, the 25-year-old and, finally, today's Plushenko. We decided that it would be an original move and a spectacular finish to my career."

The 30-year-old Turin Olympic champion unveiled his plans for the upcoming season, saying that he needed to participate in just two or three events to prepare the best possible way for the Olympics.

"I'd like to comete at the ISU Grand Prix meet in Moscow," said Plushenko, who also won silver medals at the 2002 and 2010 Olympics and three world titles during his career.

"If everything goes right there I will compete at the Russian national championships and the European championships ahead of the Olympics Games.