Mexican leader plans to discuss spy claims with Obama

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said Wednesday he will speak with US counterpart Barack Obama during a Group of 20 meeting about allegations of US spying on his emails.

Pena Nieto will come face-to-face with Obama at the G20 meeting in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on Thursday, four days after a US journalist reported that the National Security Agency spied on the leaders of Mexico and Brazil.

"If it is proven that an action took place, with the use of espionage means, this is clearly not permitted and it is outside the law," Pena Nieto told reporters during a layover in Canada in remarks broadcast by MVS radio.

"There will surely be space at the G20 for some sort of meeting, either casual or informal, with the US president to make our position very clear," he said.

The Brazilian and Mexican governments summoned the US ambassadors to their respective countries this week after Glenn Greenwald, a US journalist with access to documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, reported the spying claims on Brazilian television.

Rousseff is already in Russia for the G20 meeting.