Bolivia invites Pope Francis to visit

Bolivia's President Evo Morales said Saturday he has received assurances from Pope Francis of an upcoming visit to his country, possibly in "2015 or 2016."

Morales said he spoke Friday with Francis during his own stop at the Vatican, and extended an invitation to the pontiff to visit to Bolivia.

"I invited him, I'd like him to visit us," Morales said in remarks made a short time after his return home.

The Bolivian leader said Pope Francis replied that he has other commitments on his calendar in the immediate future but added: "I am keeping in mind that I am going to visit Bolivia."

Morales said he spoke with the pontiff, who was born in neighboring Argentina, about Bolivia's "socio-economic and religious situation," including the "struggle against poverty and social inequality."

The two also discussed "the Roman Catholic Church's relationship with his left-leaning government," said Morales, who historically has had a rocky relationship with the Vatican.