Croatian climber's remains back home after 39 years

The remains of a Croatian climber found in the Caucasus more than 39 years after an avalanche killed him were brought home for burial, a rescue service said on Monday.

Nenad Culic was killed along with three other Croatian climbers on July 24, 1974, in an ice avalanche while they were climbing Georgia's Ushba mountain.

The bodies of his two colleagues were found a few days after the accident and the remains of the third one in mid-2012.

In late August, a group of Romanian climbers found Culic's remains and his funeral will be held on Thursday in his hometown Split, on the Adriatic coast, the Croatian mountain rescue service (HGSS) said in a statement.

Culic, who was 25 years old when he died, was one of the best Croatian climbers and mountain rescuers of the time, the statement said.

The 4,710 metre (15,453 feet) high Ushba mountain, just south of the border with Russia, is famous for its spire-shaped double summit.