Mexican police arrested for kidnappings

Mexican authorities have arrested 18 people, including 13 federal police officers, who allegedly belong to a kidnapping gang that operated in the Pacific resort of Acapulco, the government said Tuesday.

The federal police said the suspects have been linked to at least five murders and four kidnappings.

The 13 officers were arrested at the headquarters of the National Security Commission in Mexico City and were being held in prisons in the northern states of Tamaulipas and Sonora, officials said.

They were all rank and file police, said Eduardo Sanchez, the government's spokesman for security matters.

"No act of corruption on the part of any public servant will be tolerated," he said.

Authorities have arrested 81 members of the federal police for various offenses since President Enrique Pena Nieto took office.

More than 105,000 kidnappings occurred in Mexico last year, according to an estimate by the National Institute of Statistics, which said that many victims never report such crimes.