RugbyL: Snake gets better of Sonny Bill

Not much gets the better of rugby icon Sonny Bill Williams, but a snake has sent the cross-code superstar scurrying for cover in Sydney.

The dual international got moving after the metre-long reptile was discovered inside the New Zealand Rugby League World Cup squad's training base late Sunday.

An underwear-clad Williams was caught on camera bouncing off a massage table when the snake was scooped up by his Sydney Roosters teammate Frank-Paul Nuuausala and pointed in his direction, Australian Associated Press reported.

Williams, rated as one of the most fearsome players in Australia's National Rugby League, ran over to a group of his fellow Kiwis who were just as scared -- one even hiding behind a chair.

Frank Pritchard and Alex Glenn, who posted the video of Williams on Instagram, led a chorus of laughter at the dash across the room.

"Got me good @AlexGlenn44: What happens when we see a snake in camp," Williams tweeted.

The Kiwis fly to Britain this week to defend the Rugby League World Cup they won from Australia in Brisbane five years ago.

Williams, who won the Rugby World Cup with the All Blacks in 2011, has said he intends to return to union in 2015.