Graphics Special Advisory: European Parliament elections

The following graphics on the European Parliament elections are available now. New graphics will become available as and when final results are announced. Text slug: EU-VOTE

Available now:


- Bar chart showing the results of the 2014 European elections by political group, compared to 2009. 130 x 95 mm

- Pie chart showing the make-up of the new European Parliament by political group. 90 x 84 mm

- Pie chart comparing the make-up of the incoming and outgoing European Parliaments. 90 x 90 mm


- Bar chart showing abstention in EU elections since 1979. 45 x 70 mm

- Map of the EU showing abstention in 2014 by country. 130 x 108 mm


- Map of the EU showing the political affiliation of the party in the lead in each country. 130 x 97 mm


- Bar chart showing the score won by the far-right National Front in France, compared to other parties. 90 x 77 mm

- Bar chart showing the score won by the National Front in European elections since 1984. 45 x 56 mm

Moved earlier:

- The main far-right and Eurosceptic parties (map, figures and photos of leaders). 130 x 108 mm

- The role of a Member of the European Parliament. 90 x 107 mm

- Diagram explaining how the key decision-making bodies in the EU work. 175 x 130 mm

- Past presidents of the European Commission. 130 x 60 mm

- Candidates for the post of European Commission president (mini-profiles and photos). 130 x 90 mm


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