Yellen to begin confirmation meetings next week

Janet Yellen, President Barack Obama's pick to head the US Federal Reserve, will begin meeting senators next week to prepare for her confirmation hearing.

Yellen, unveiled as Obama's choice to succeed current Fed chief Ben Bernanke, will have meetings with key senators, including members of the Senate Banking Committee.

"We look forward to the Senate confirming her swiftly," said Josh Earnest, a White House spokesman aboard Air Force One.

Earnest said official paperwork accompanying Yellen's nomination was sent to Congress on Thursday.

Yellen would be the first woman head of the US central bank, and when Obama picked her for the post he said she was "exceptionally" qualified.

Yellen, 67, with years of experience in academia and the central bank, has served as Fed vice chair since 2010.

In that time, she has been closely tied to key policy changes, including setting targets for inflation and unemployment and making the thinking of Fed policymakers more open.