AFP Africa News Agenda

What's happening in Africa on Sunday:

+ Kinshasa, rebels ready for peace deal

KAMPALA/KINSHASA/KIGALI: Monitoring possible last-minute negotiations ahead of the planned signing on Monday in the Ugandan capital of a peace deal between the Democratic Republic of Congo's government and M23 rebels, sealing the end of an 18-month insurgency that threatened to plunge the region back into fully-fledged war. Picture (DRCONGO-UNREST)


BANGUI: Final day of international contact group meeting on the Central African Republic, co-chaired by Congo and the African Union, to examine ways to restore peace and security in the country. (CENTRAFRICA-CONGO-UNREST-POLITICS-DIPLOMACY)

DAKAR: Canadian Minister of International Development and Minister for La Francophonie, Christian Paradis, visits projects in Senegal financed by Canada. Paradis will meet Senegalese leaders including President Mackey Sall and attend the launch of a food programme (to Tuesday). (SENEGAL-CANADA-POLITICS-DEVELOPMENT)

KHARTOUM: Trial continues in the town of Wad Medani of author Rania Mamoun and her brother, on charges related to anti-government protests in September. (SUDAN-UNREST-TRIAL)

BAMAKO/PARIS: French and Malian authorities hunt for the killers of two French journalists shot dead in the west African nation's rebel-infested northern desert. (MALI-FRANCE-CONFLICT-MEDIA)

JOHANNESBURG: South Africa continues voter registration ahead of next year's key polls, which for the first time will see ballots cast by those born after the end of apartheid. (SAFRICA-VOTE)

NOUAKCHOTT: Campaign ongoing ahead of November 23 elections, which one opposition party has decided to boycott. (MAURITANIA-VOTE)