Greece charges Roma couple in fresh child 'kidnapping' case

Greek authorities have removed a four-year-old girl from a Roma couple, after DNA tests showed she was not their daughter, and have charged the pair with kidnapping, a judicial source said Tuesday.

The case was similar to that of another that made headlines in October, when Greek authorities ciruclated the photo of a blonde girl named Maria living in a different Roma camp in Greece with a couple who did not resemble her. After a media storm, Maria's real parents -- other Roma who had abandoned her -- were tracked down in Bulgaria.

The latest case came to light when DNA tests showed the couple were not the biological parents of the girl found in a camp near Thessaloniki.

The pair, who have two other children, say the girl was given to them by another Roma family who could not take care of her, the source said.

She has been taken to the same Athens-based charity Smile of the Child, where Maria is currently being cared for.

Thessaloniki prosecutors say they have six other cases of suspicious birth registrations in their jurisdiction.