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MANILA, PHILIPPINES: Military personnel unloading boxes of foreign aid. RAW. VID570251_EN

TACLOBAN, PHILIPPINES: Cadavers in body bags line the streets of Tacloban. RAW. VID570246_EN

TACLOBAN, PHILIPPINES: Scores of decaying bodies are laid in mass graves. RAW. VID570149_EN

TACLOBAN, PHILIPPINES: Two US Osprey aircrafts evacuate foreigners from Tacloban. RAW. VID570199_EN

MANILA: The US Navy says its aircraft carrier the USS George Washington has arrived in the Philippines to aid the emergency relief operation. STOCK SHOTS. VID569380_EN

OFF THE SCOTTISH COAST, BRITAIN: Britain will send the helicopter carrier HMS Illustrious to the Philippines to help with relief efforts. STOCK SHOTS. VID570241_EN


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WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama says that Americans will be allowed to keep cancelled health plans for an extra year as he acknowledged a "rough" start to reforms. RAW. VID570311_EN / VID570421_EN


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BRUSSELS: Spain has decided to follow Ireland's lead and exit its bank bailout without seeking a precautionary credit line in reserve, eurozone finance ministers say. RAW. VID570445_EN / VID570259_EN

MADRID: Spain is to exit its bank bailout without seeking a precautionary credit line in reserve. STOCK SHOTS. VID446205_EN

DUBLIN: Ireland will exit its international bailout programme next month without the need for a precautionary credit facility, the government says. STOCK SHOTS. VID344610_EN

BRUSSELS: A tepid recovery in the 17-nation eurozone slows in the third quarter. STOCK SHOTS. VID404642_EN

FRANKFURT: German economic growth slows to 0.3% in the third quarter as a result of lacklustre exports, much lower than the 0.7% in the second quarter, data show. STOCK SHOTS. VID478942_EN

PARIS: Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici comments on data that show French GDP contracted 0.1% in third quarter. RAW. VID570138_EN

LISBON: Portugal reveals a slowdown in economic growth to 0.2%, just three months after breaking free from a two-and-a-half year recession. STOCK SHOTS. VID500938_EN



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CLEVELAND, OHIO: President Obama speaks at the Arcelor Mittal steel plant about the economy. RAW. 2100 GMT

Filed over past 12 hours:

WASHINGTON: JFK's assassination left a deep mark on America. Scions of the clan have gone on to major public roles but have also been dogged by misfortune, leading many to believe in a 'Kennedy curse'. PKG. NSV - VID570288_EN / VOICED - VID570289_EN

TORONTO, CANADA: A child pornography bust in Toronto two years ago has led to the arrest of 348 people and rescue of 386 sexually abused children. RAW. VID570455_EN

WASHINGTON: President Obama urges Congress not to expand sanctions against Iran, saying a temporary deal under discussion could halt Tehran's nuclear capability by at least months. RAW. VID570409_EN

WASHINGTON: Janet Yellen, the White House nominee to head the Federal Reserve, tells the Senate Banking Committee that the central bank will do whatever is in its power to back a robust US economic recovery. RAW. VID570330_EN


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SANTIAGO: Socialist presidential candidate Michelle Bachelet holds a final campaign meeting ahead of Chile's election on Sunday. RAW. 2300 GMT

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BRASILIA: Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon region rose 28% over the past year, Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira says. STOCK SHOTS.

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SAO FELIX DO XINGU, PARA, BRAZIL: The municipality of Sao Felix do Xingu in the Brazilian Amazon used to be one of the worst offenders for deforestation, clearing thousands of square kilometres every year. But for the past four years, it has registered the country's biggest drop, giving hope to those trying to save the biggest rainforest on earth. REFILE. PKG. NSV - VID543051_EN / VOICED - VID543050_EN / STOCKSHOTS. VID352648_EN

SANTIAGO: Camila Vallejo and Giorgio Jackson were leaders of massive student demonstrations back in 2011 in hopes of transforming Chile's education system. In Sunday's elections, they hope to continue their fight as elected officials. PKG. NSV - VID569680_EN / VOICED - VID569678_EN

SAO PAULO: Election of Miss Bumbum, the best buttocks in Brazil. RAW. VID570213_EN


Filed over past 12 hours:

TOULON, FRANCE: A court finds German safety standards firm TUV liable in a worldwide scare over defective breast implants and orders the company to compensate distributors and hundreds of victims. FILE. VID507746_EN

HANOVER, GERMANY: Former German president Christian Wulff vows to clear his name at the start of a trial on charges of accepting favours in office. RAW. VID570284_EN / FILE. VID546673_EN

FRANKFURT: Volkswagen says it is recalling 2.6 million cars worldwide due to various technical problems affecting different models of its various brands. STOCK SHOTS. VID570356_EN

PARIS: Four people go on trial for their alleged role in the fire of the Paris-Opéra hotel which left 24 dead in 2005. RAW. VID570387_EN

LONDON: Prince Harry is all smiles as he and his Walking Wounded team have their official send off in the British Capital ahead of a month-long trek to the South Pole. RAW. VID570270_EN / VID570272_EN

LONDON: Fashion designer Paul Smith criticises the govt for failing to translate the "goldmine of talent" among fashion students into economic success as he opens an exhibition of his work. RAW. VID570230_EN

LONDON: Bob Dylan is a world-renowned musician, but in recent years he's been making waves in the art world and one British gallery is now exhibiting his sculptures and canvases. RAW. VID570370_EN

PARIS: French-based British actress and singer Jane Birkin receives an award from the Japanese ambassador to France. RAW. VID570398_EN

PARIS: The international Paris Photo fair, gathering more than 100 galleries, opens at the Grand Palais in Paris. RAW. VID570365_EN

BUDAPEST: Activists occupy a city hall meeting in which the mayor had been due to announce zoning for homeless people. RAW. VID570264_EN

VALENCIA, SPAIN: Regional Spanish television Canal Nou is being forced to close down, victim of the economic crisis and bad management from the regional government. PKG. NSV - VID570170_EN / VOICED - VID570171_EN

ZURICH: Swiss national railway CFF teams up with Starbucks to launch the first railway Coffee House. RAW. VID570274_EN

PARIS: The 33 contestants who will compete for the title of Miss France 2014 are presented to the press. RAW. VID570216_EN

PARIS: In an extremely delicate operation, a statue of the Saint Michel archangel is places on top of the Sainte Chapelle after extensive renovation. RAW. VID570367_EN

MONACO: President Hollande receives a medal from Monaco's Prince Albert as reports continue unabated of his plummeting popularity. RAW. VID570377_EN

VARIOUS: Hoola-hoops and massed penguins: Guinness World Records Day. RAW. VID570256_EN


Filed over past 12 hours:

BOSSANGOA, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Mia Farrow says 'seeds of genocide' in Central Africa. RAW. VID570712_EN

YAOUNDE: Armed men abduct a French priest in northern Cameroon, officials and witnesses say, nine months after Nigerian Islamists kidnapped a family in the same border region. PHOTOS. VID570337_EN / STOCK SHOTS. VID492360_EN

MONACO: French President Hollande says they are doing everything possible to secure the release of the French priest abducted priest in northern Cameroon. RAW. VID570422_EN

PARIS: Foreign ministry spokesman says the abducted priest had been informed of the risk and advised to leave northern Cameroon. RAW. VID570402_EN

RABAT: French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius confirms the abduction of a priest in Cameroon. RAW. VID570310_EN

YAOUNDE: A French priest has been kidnapped overnight near Cameroon's border with Nigeria in an area designated as dangerous for foreigners, French authorities say.

KIDAL, MALI: Malian Tuaregs lay waste to public buildings in the northeastern town of Kidal in protest at a decision by separatist leaders to end their occupation of state premises. FILE. VID556532_EN


Filed over past 12 hours:

KARBALA, IRAQ: Millions of Shiite pilgrims visit the Iraqi shrine city of Karbala for Ashura. RAW. VID570430_EN

BEIRUT: Lebanese Shiites perform Ashura rituals. RAW. VID570204_EN

RABAT: Press conference after ministers from countries across the Sahel and Maghreb agree to create a border security training centre in a bid to confront Islamist-linked violence. RAW. VID570373_EN

CAIRO: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov makes a landmark visit to Cairo in the wake of a diplomatic spat between Egypt and the United States. RAW. VID570133_EN / VID570147_EN / VID570354_EN

CAIRO: The defence ministers of Russia and Egypt discuss military collaboration. RAW. VID570304_EN

GAZA CITY, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES: Hamas holds a military parade to mark the first anniversary of the eight-day conflict with Israel. RAW. VID570369_EN

BEIRUT: Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah vows to keep his forces in Syria fighting alongside President Bashar al-Assad's regime, in a rare public speech delivered in Beirut. RAW. VID570155_EN / VID570167_EN / VID570175_EN

GAZA CITY, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES: A year after trading fire in a week-long war in Gaza, damages are still evident in the streets of the Palestinian enclave. RAW. VID570187_EN

BAGHDAD/KARBALA, IRAQ: Millions of Shiite pilgrims visit the Iraqi shrine city of Karbala for Ashura. RAW. VID570430_EN

BEIRUT: Lebanese Shiites perform Ashura rituals. RAW. VID570204_EN


Filed over past 12 hours:

AMROHA, INDIA: Indian Shiites take part in Ashura rituals. RAW. VID570168_EN

COLOMBO: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse hits back angrily at allegations of war crimes that are set to overshadow this week's Commonwealth summit, saying he has "nothing to hide" from his critics. RAW. VID570123_EN

COLOMBO: Britain's Prince Charles and his wife Camilla arrive in Colombo to head the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting. RAW. VID570211_EN

BEIJING: China's Xi Jinping took over as Communist chief one year ago to calls for economic reform and faint hopes of greater political tolerance -- but has focused instead on consolidating power, burnishing nationalist credentials and stifling dissent. PKG. NSV - VID570116_EN / VOICED - VID570117_EN

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KIEV: Pre-match press conference and training ahead of Friday's World Cup first leg qualifier between Ukraine and France. RAW. 2300 GMT

LISBON: Pre-match press conference and training ahead of the World Cup qualifier between Portugal and Sweden. RAW. 2300 GMT

Filed over past 12 hours:

PARIS: French top football club postponed a strike planned for the end of the month in protest at a 75% high-income tax levied on high earners, including footballers. RAW. VID570344_EN

JOHANNESBURG: Tests for banned substances will be more stringent than ever for the 2014 Winter Olympics, IOC President Thomas Bach said on Wednesday. RAW. VID570223_EN / RAW. VID570465_EN (French sports minister)



TANGIERS: Newly-arrived Syrian families have found shelter thousands of miles from their ruined homeland, but are struggling to rebuild their lives. PKG. NSV - VID568377_EN / VOICED - VID568378_EN

BETHESDA, MARYLAND: "Take a book, bring a book", that's the motto of the Free Little Libraries movement. Book lovers across the US install wooden boxes in their driveways to share their favourite books with their neighbours. PKG. NSV - VID569591_EN / VOICED - VID569592_EN


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