Gambia detains two British nationals over communication fraud

Gambian authorities have arrested two British nationals of Somali origin over allegations of their involvement in a huge communication fraud in the country, intelligence sources said Thursday.

Abdourazak Hazi and Faizal Ahmed Jama were arrested by intelligence officers on Tuesday for the alleged fraud perpetrated on the state-run network.

They were apparently able to send vast amounts of information, via the internet and phone calls, for several weeks but avoid any charges, which were instead picked up by the state.

A state security agent said on television that there had been devastating consequences on the network because of their actions.

He said the activities of the suspects are believed to cause massive losses to the national telecommunications operator, though he did not give any specific amount.

"Operatives found two illegal sim card boxes installed, connected and operational at the residence of the suspects who came to The Gambia a few weeks ago," the security agent who was not identified told state television.

A third party, also a British national of Somali origin, is reported missing.