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+ Nearly four years after quake, Haitians still in tents

+ Accusations mount in Spain child murder mystery

+ Filmmaker battles to save historic Ghana cinema

+ Poetry breaks through fog of Alzheimer's sufferers

+ Syria refugees scramble to prepare for Lebanon winter

+ Outcry over cyclists killed in 'death trap' London

+ The US military's camouflage fashion show



Eight-year-old Widlene Gabriel has lived nearly half her life in a camp for people displaced by the devastating January 2010 earthquake in desperately poor Haiti, one of some 170,000 still in camps in precarious conditions and sometimes facing eviction.

625 words by Clarens Renois. Pictures by Louis-Joseph Olivier



Grisly details emerged this week of accusations against a lawyer and a journalist suspected of drugging and suffocating their 12-year-old adopted daughter in a mysterious murder case that has shocked Spain.

600 words by Roland Lloyd Parry



The Rex, a single-storey, slope-roofed movie house was once the hotspot for film fans but, like many of Ghana's cinemas, it hardly shows movies anymore, in a country once an African film hub where the head of state personally oversaw the industry.

750 words and pictures by Chris Stein. Video



Alzheimer's has stolen most of Margaret's memories, but she can still remember the line from Rudyard Kipling's famous poem that she learnt years ago, a rare moment of clarity in the fog of the cruel disease .

600 words by Beatrice Debut. Pictures by Will Oliver. Video



In Lebanon's Bekaa valley, the sun is still shining. But soon temperatures will dip and snow will blanket fields that house hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees.

750 words by Sara Hussein. Pictures by Joseph Eid




When a cyclist is killed on London's roads, a flower-laden white bicycle is sometimes placed at the scene -- both as a tribute to a lost friend and a warning to others.

675 words by Katy Lee. Pictures by Leon Neal



Camouflage may be designed to blend in, but for the US military, a plethora of combat uniforms offers a way for each branch of the armed forces to distinguish itself.

640 words 1500 GMT by Dan De Luce. File picture.

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