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PRETORIA: The open coffin of Nelson Mandela lies in state in the Union Buildings. Rolling news coverage. RAW. TBA

Attention live, we are offering a live of this event. Please see separate live advisory for details.

JOHANNESBURG: Front pages of South Africa's newspapers. RAW. 1030 GMT

CAPE TOWN: An image of Nelson Mandela is projected across Table Mountain. RAW. 1200 GMT

CAPE TOWN: Singer Johnny Clegg and rugby star Francois Pienaar headline a musical memorial for Nelson Mandela at Cape Town Stadium. RAW. 2000 GMT

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- Exteriors of Union Buildings, floral tributes, flag at half-mast. RAW. VID579249_EN

- People line route of funeral cortege. RAW. VID579221_EN / VID579230_EN

- Funeral cortege from One Military hospital to Union Buildings. RAW. VID579200_EN / VID579202_EN


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KIEV: Thousands of Ukrainian protesters and police are locked in a standoff after security forces stormed the protest camp but demonstrators refused to leave. Rolling news coverage. RAW. TBA

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KIEV: Protesters continue to occupy city hall. RAW. VID579239_EN

KIEV: Security forces storm main protest site on Kiev's Independence Square. RAW. VID579169_EN / VID579186_EN


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NEW DELHI / MUMBAI: India's Supreme Court reinstates a colonial-era ban on gay sex that can see homosexuals jailed for up to ten years in a major setback for rights campaigners in the world's biggest democracy. RAW. TBA. / PKG. TBC

Filed over past 12 hours:

NEW DELHI: India's Supreme Court upholds a law criminalising gay sex. RAW. VID579226_EN / FILE. VID576209_EN


Filed over past 12 hours:

MONTEVIDEO: Uruguay becomes the first nation to legalize the production and sale of marijuana. RAW. VID579173_EN / VID567490_EN

MONTEVIDEO: Uruguay legalises the production & distribution of marijuana. PKG. NSV - VID573332_EN / VOICED - VID573331_EN

VARIOUS: Stock shots of marijuana production and consumption. STOCK SHOTS. VID567490_EN


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BANGUI: France presses on with operations to disarm militias in the Central African Republic after two of its soldiers were killed Tuesday. RAW. TBA

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BANGUI: French President Francois Hollande tells French troops in Bangui that is was "time to act" on conflict in Central African Republic. RAW. VID579150_EN / VID579131_EN



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ROME: Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta is expected to win a confidence vote in parliament to confirm his new majority after Silvio Berlusconi's party pulled out of the coalition. RAW. 1100 GMT / FILE. VID510692_EN

VERSAILLES, FRANCE: Trial opens of a woman who in July wore a full-face veil in a Paris suburb -- despite a ban in public places -- and whose identity check by police triggered riots. RAW. 1100 GMT

PARIS: French railway unions call for nationwide strike, starting Wednesday evening. RAW. 2000 GMT

ISTANBUL: Heavy snowfall blankets Turkey. RAW. 1500 GMT

PARIS: Senegal sculptor Ousmane Sow joins the prestigious French Academy of Fine Arts. RAW. 1800 GMT

Filed over past 12 hours:

HANOVER, GERMANY: Ten years after Volkswagen's legendary Beetle drove off into the sunset, the German carmaker's other main icon, the camper van, takes its leave from the world's automobile stage this month. RAW. VID578812_EN


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BERLIN: Chancellor Angela Merkel holds talks with Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, holds a joint news conference 1215 GMT. RAW. 1500 GMT


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DAMASCUS: Syrian troops train their sights on the town of Yabrud, the last rebel stronghold in the strategic Qalamoun region near the border with Lebanon. RAW. TBC

KUWAIT CITY: Leaders of the six Gulf monarchies wrap up their annual two-day summit amid escalating divisions after rival Iran reached an accord with world powers over its disputed nuclear programme. RAW. TBC

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SANAA: A Dutch couple kidnapped in Yemen six months ago are freed in the capital Sanaa. RAW. VID579183_EN

Friday will mark the 10-year anniversary of the arrest of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. We have filed the following videos:

BAGHDAD: A decade after Saddam Hussein's arrest, the now-executed Iraqi dictator's legacy of conflicts, sanctions and repression still exact a heavy toll on the country. RAW. VID579119_EN

AZIZIYAH, IRAQ: PKG. Across Iraq, Sunnis and Shiites carry a name once given in tribute, but which has since become an albatross: the name of their ousted dictator, Saddam Hussein. PKG. NSV - VID578780_EN / VOICED - VID578781_EN


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BANGKOK: Interview with embattled Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra as she tries to face down ongoing protests against her administration. RAW. 1400 GMT

Filed over past 12 hours:

SHENZHEN, CHINA: At least 15 people are killed as a blaze engulfs a food market. RAW. VID579198_EN

DHAKA: Bangladesh Islamist given last-minute stay of execution. RAW. VID579167_EN

LEYTE PROVINCE, PHILIPPINES: Pop star Justin Bieber dances and plays with young survivors of the Philippines' typhoon. RAW. VID579228_EN


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WASHINGTON: The World Health Organization launches the World Malaria Report 2013, unveiling the latest available data and analysis on one of the world's leading infectious killers. RAW/FILE. 1800 GMT

NEW YORK: TIME magazine announces its 'person of the year'. RAW/FILE. TBA

WASHINGTON: The National Transportation Safety Board holds an investigative hearing into the crash of an Asiana Airlines jet in July. RAW. TBC

WASHINGTON: The National Zoo is illuminated with its annual Christmas lights. RAW. 1600 GMT

Filed over past 12 hours:

WASHINGTON: Congressional negotiators reach a two-year deal on US spending which aims to avoid a repeat of the recent government shutdown. RAW. VID579155_EN


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SANTIAGO: They were daughters of generals, riding bikes together as children until Chile's coup upended their lives and country: Decades later, Michelle Bachelet and Evelyn Matthei are rival presidential candidates. PKG. 1500 GMT

Filed over last 12 hours:

MANAGUA: Nicaragua's Congress approves a constitutional reform that, if ratified, would scrap term limits. RAW. VID579080_EN

HAVANA: Members of the Ladies in White opposition group are arrested during a demonstration held to commemorate Human Rights Day. RAW. VID579148_EN

ARGENTINA: Argentinians celebrate 30th anniversary of return to democratic rule. RAW. VID579194_EN

BOGATA: Bogota's leftist mayor is formally removed from his post and barred from holding office for 15 years. RAW. VID579214_EN

MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA: Medellin lights up for Christmas. RAW. VID579082_EN

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NAYPYIDAW: Official opening ceremony of the Southeast Asian Games. RAW. TBA.


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LA RUANA, MEXICO: For years, the Mexican state of Michoacan has been mired in drug-related violence. In the past few months, a new presence here has caused the central government to worry: armed self-defence groups are hitting back against the cartels. PKG. 2300 GMT


JAKARTA: From the famous halls of 'La Fenice' theater in Venice to the slums of Jakarta, Italian violinist Sara Michieletto uses her violin to help street kids get in touch with their emotions. RAW. VID579243_EN

VARIOUS: The brutal conflict in Syria has created the biggest refugee crisis for decades in the Middle East along with potentially explosive economic and social tensions in overstretched host nations. PKG. NSV - VID577579_EN / VOICED - VID577581_EN

VIENNA: The horses of Vienna's elite Spanish Riding School trot, pirouette and capriole with what seems like the greatest ease in the world, but it takes years of training to achieve their level of perfection. PKG. NSV - VID578472_EN / VOICED - VID578473_EN

NAPLES, ITALY: In crisis-hit Italy cafes across Naples mark "Suspended Coffee Day" whereby people pay in advance for the next person who orders. PKG NSV - VID579040_EN / VOICED - VID579041_EN


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