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+ Ethiopia's colossal human airlift from Saudi

+ Sweden struggles with surge in Syrian refugees

+ Wembley, 1988: Mandela catapults to fame

+ With new French law, German sex trade booms

+ Sochi Olympics to see Soviet-style security

+ Japan agency offers travel for your teddy bear

+ Hi-tech tool to identify neo-Nazi songs



Ethiopia has repatriated tens of thousands of its citizens from Saudi Arabia under an amnesty for illegal workers, with numbers swelling daily in one of the largest human airlift operations in recent history.

800 words and pictures by Jenny Vaughan. Video



Since Sweden became the only country to give Syrian refugees automatic residence, it is struggling to house them, amid warnings that the Nordic country is unprepared for an upswing in numbers.

900 words by Tom Sullivan. Pictures by Jonathan Nackstrand. File video



For many of the half a billion television viewers who watched the 1988 Wembley Stadium concert, it was an eye-opening event that helped turn Nelson Mandela into a global icon.

800 words by Alice Ritchie



A new French law penalising the clients of prostitutes with fines starting at 1,500 euros nudges the oldest profession across the border into Germany.

800 words by Etienne Balmer. Pictures by Jean-Christophe Verhaegen



Surveillance drones will pick up any suspicious movement at Russia's Sochi Winter Olympics, part of a package of security measures that recall the draconian lockdown imposed for the 1980 Moscow Games.

900 words by Maria Antonova. Pictures

Lifestyle-travel-Japan-culture-toys,FEATURE TOKYO

Can't get to that must-see tourist site but can't bear for your teddy to miss out? Japan has just the thing -- a travel agency that takes stuffed toys on package tours and even provides the holiday snaps to prove it.

800 words by Miwa Suzuki. Pictures by Kazuhiro Nogi. Video


DRESDEN, Germany

German police are touting a new high-tech tool to identify illegal neo-Nazi songs in seconds, dubbed "Nazi Shazam" after popular music identification software.

650 words by Carolyn Beeler. Picture

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