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Bolivia expels Danish NGO for meddling


Bolivia on Friday announced the expulsion of the Danish non-governmental education development agency Ibis, accusing it of meddling in its internal affairs.

President Evo Morales's leftist government decided to expel Ibis, which works with indigenous communities and unions in rural areas, because "they are doing political work against the government," said Juan Ramon Quintana, the minister of the presidency.

"We are tired of tolerating Ibis' political interference in Bolivia, we are tired of tolerating Ibis' promotion of internal conflict among the indigenous organizations themselves," he said.

The said the expulsion order was effective immediately.

The Danish-based organization would be the first non governmental organization to be expelled from Bolivia.

In May, Morales' government expelled the US Agency for International Development, which had been working in Bolivia since 1964.

On its website, Ibis said it has worked in rural areas of Bolivia since the 1960s, focusing on education, climate change and strengthening intercultural democracy in the country.

There was no immediate reaction from the organization to the announcement in La Paz.

Quintana accused it of "dividing social organizations, financing the division of social organizations and erroneously interpreting its responsibilities, mandate and commitment to work in Bolivia."