Suspected French cannibal charged with 90-year-old's death

A former French soldier who killed a 90-year-old man in southern France apparently to eat his heart and tongue was charged Friday over the death.

Jeremy Rimbaud, 26, was charged with murder and attempted murder for attacking another man on November 15, the day he bludgeoned the elderly man to death, said Sebastien Ellul, the deputy prosecutor in the southern town of Pau.

Rimbaud owned up to the murder to investigators and said he ate his victim's heart and tongue. He also said he heard voices in his head.

Some remains of cooked meat were found on a plate with some beans next to the 90-year-old's body.

Post-mortem tests have shown that a part of the heart and the tongue were ripped out, but it is not yet clear if the meat found was of human origin.

Rimabud served in Afghanistan, and according to his former colleagues at the Marine Infantry Tank Regiment, he had posed no problems during his posting.

He had been in a psychiatric facility since November 21. Experts say he could be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.