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Zambia arrests two with ivory from around 16 elephants


The Zambia Wildlife Authority has arrested two people in possession of more than 115 kilogrammes (250 pounds) of ivory, the authority's spokeswoman Readith Muliyunda said Tuesday.

The ivory is thought to have been poached over a period of one to two years from around 16 elephants and is worth about $150,000 (110,000 euros).

The suspects' names were withheld but they were said to be a 52-year-old businesswoman from a Lusaka slum and a 37-year-old taxi driver from a farming area west of the city.

"The scam was a great loss of revenue for the country. Poaching of elephants for ivory has become a major concern, not only in Zambia, but Africa as a whole," she said, pointing to lost tourism dollars.