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Ban and UN Council condemn threat to Lebanon stability


UN leader Ban Ki-moon and the UN Security Council on Friday raised fears over threats to Lebanon's stability after a bomb attack which killed a key former minister.

Ban and the UN Security Council strongly condemned the Beirut suicide bomb attack which killed six people including Mohammad Chatah, a former finance minister and key member of a coalition that opposes Syria's President Bashar al-Assad.

"The secretary general is deeply troubled by the recurring acts of terrorism in Lebanon which pose a severe threat to the country's stability and national cohesion," said UN spokesman Martin Nesirky.

Ban praised efforts by Lebanese authorities and security forces to "protect the country from the impact of the crisis in neighbouring Syria," added the spokesman.

The UN leader "reiterates the determination of the international community to support Lebanon's security and stability," during the mounting Syria crisis which increasingly threatens neighboring countries.

The 15-nation Security Council agreed a statement which highlighted "unequivocal condemnation of any attempt to destabilize Lebanon through political assassinations and demanded an immediate end to the use of intimidation and violence against political figures."

The council reaffirmed past calls for Lebanese "to preserve national unity in the face of attempts to undermine the country's stability and stressed the importance for all Lebanese parties to respect Lebanon's policy of disassociation and to refrain from any involvement in the Syrian crisis."