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BANGKOK: Monitoring protests and "shutdown" of the Thai capital. TBC

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BANGKOK: Tens of thousands of Thai opposition protesters occupy major streets in an attempted "shutdown" of the capital, escalating a campaign to unseat the embattled premier. RAW. VID587151_EN/ VID587069_EN/ VID587103_EN


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JERUSALEM: US Vice-President Joe Biden speaks at the service for Ariel Sharon. RAW 1800GMT

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SYCAMORE RANCH, ISRAEL: Images from the burial ceremony. RAW. VID587243_EN

JERUSALEM: Images from the memorial service outside parliament. RAW. VID587195_EN/ VID587145_EN

GAZA CITY: Many Palestinians celebrate the day of Ariel Sharon's funeral who is largely viewed by them as a bloodthirsty criminal. RAW. VID587135_EN/ VID587188_EN

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- Israeli PM Netanyahu makes statement on Ariel Sharon's death. RAW. VID586922_EN

- Palestinian refugees in Beirut celebrate Ariel Sharon's death. RAW. VID586901_EN

- Reaction from Hebron, Palestinian Territories. RAW. VID586882_EN

- Hospital manager announcing death. RAW. VID586875_EN

- Sharon's son Gilad announcing death. RAW. VID586850_EN

- Sharon was an arch-hawk turned statesman who pioneered plans to redraw the nation's borders and revolutionised its political landscape. PKG. NSV - VID584716_EN / VOICED - VID584717_EN

- File photos of Ariel Sharon. FILE. VID584350_EN

- File footage of Ariel Sharon. FILE. VID585608_EN


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LOS ANGELES: "Breaking Bad" collects its first and only Golden Globe for best television drama series nearly four months after it aired its final episode. RAW. VID587090_EN

LOS ANGELES: Italian film, 'The Great Beauty," won the Golden Globe for the best foreign language film. RAW. VID587108_EN

LOS ANGELES: Amy Adams wins the Golden Globe for best actress in a musical or comedy film for her role in crime caper "American Hustle". RAW. VID587094_EN

LOS ANGELES: Harrowing drama "12 Years a Slave" wins the coveted best drama Golden Globe. RAW. VID587122_EN

LOS ANGELES: Cate Blanchett takes home the Golden Globe for best drama for "Blue Jasmine" while Leonardo DiCaprio won the best actor Golden Globe for a musical/comedy film for his role in Martin Scorsese's epic "The Wolf of Wall Street". RAW. VID587114_EN

LOS ANGELES: Extracts from trailers of films competing for the Golden Globes. RAW. VID586339_EN

LOS ANGELES: Red carpet shots of Hollywood's A-listers. RAW. VID587076_EN



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PARIS: Francois Hollande's political and personal woes deepen after his girlfriend is rushed to hospital following a report he has been having an affair with an actress. RAW. TBC/ PKG. 1900GMT

PARIS: French FM Laurent Fabius meets with Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. RAW. 1500 GMT

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PARIS: A report that French president Francois Hollande has been having an affair with a French actress is likely to create voter distrust, a political scientist says. RAW. VID587229_EN

LONDON: The French President's travails continue after it emerged that his girlfriend had been rushed to hospital following a report he has been having an affair. RAW. VID587184_EN (British papers)

PARIS: Top US diplomat John Kerry meets his Russian counterpart after trying to entice Syrian rebels into Geneva peace talks by vowing to exclude the Moscow-backed Damascus regime from any future transition government. RAW. VID587156_EN/ VID587193_EN

PARIS: French oil giant Total announces it will become the first major oil company to explore for shale gas in Britain. STOCKSHOTS. VID381967_EN

BLACKPOOL, UK: British PM David Cameron promises tax breaks worth millions of pounds to local councils who encourage shale gas development, declaring the country was going "all out for shale". STOCKSHOTS. VID414365_EN/ VID515329_EN

BERLIN: German automakers predict further growth in the US market after achieving record sales in 2013 by capitalizing on expanding demand for luxury vehicles. RAW. VID587238_EN

COLOMIERS, FRANCE: European aircraft maker Airbus beat US rival Boeing with record sales and orders last year but came second in terms of finished airliners delivered. RAW. VID587228_EN

FRANKFURT: ECB reveals the new 10-euro banknotes including a portrait of the Greek mythological figure of Europa that will come into circulation from late September. RAW. VID587166_EN/ VID587173_EN

PARIS: French taxi drivers block roads to protest against competition from mini-cabs and a rise in VAT for transport. RAW. VID587257_EN


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JUBA: Monitoring conflict in South Sudan. TBC

BANGUI: Monitoring unrest in Central African Republic. TBC

MAPUTO: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe continues his tour of Africa, with an official visit to Mozambique. RAW. TBA

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MALAKAL, S.SUDAN: Government troops advance on Bor, the last state capital still in rebel hands, as residents flee fighting in Malakal. RAW. VID587255_EN

BANGUI: The interim president of the Central African Republic, Alexandre Ferdinand Nguendet, visits a camp for displaced people and promises to restore order and security within a week. RAW. VID587067_EN, VID587098_EN


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BAGHDAD: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon holds a joint press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. RAW. 1800GMT/ RAW. VID587296_EN /RAW. VID587247_EN

YARMUK, SYRIA: UN aid arrives at the besieged Palestinian camp south of Damascus . RAW 1800GMT

BEIRUT: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif holds a press conference before heading to Syria. RAW. 2000GMT

TUNIS: The national assembly works to ratify a new constitution ahead of a January 14 deadline. TBC

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RABAT: Well over two year after having their ancient Amazigh-language recognised in a new constitution, Morocco's Berbers are now pushing for January 13, when they celebrate their New Year, to be made a public holiday. RAW. VID587149_EN

CAIRO: Hundreds of Islamic charities linked to the Muslim Brotherhood are struggling for funds after a government crackdown. RAW. VID587140_EN


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WASHINGTON: After the announcement that a deal that curbs parts of Iran's disputed nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief will take effect from January 20, what roadblocks lie ahead for the US administration? RAW. 1800 GMT

DETROIT: The 2014 North American International Auto Show gets underway. Ford unveils its new aluminium truck, Chrysler launches the new 200 model and VW introduces the new electric Beetle. RAW. TBA

NEW YORK: Bruce Springsteen releases his new album. RAW. TBC

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NEW YORK: Bare legs and briefs fill train cars in the Big Apple as passengers join the trouserless worldwide for the annual "No Pants Subway Ride." RAW. VID587071_EN

DETROIT, United States: Mercedes Benz makes one of the first big announcements of the North American International Auto Show, unveiling its new C Class. RAW. VID587081_EN


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NEW DELHI: The Indian capital lights up India Gate as the country prepares to be declared officially 'polio-free'. RAW. 1300 GMT

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BEIJING: An emotional Dennis Rodman appears to break down as he apologises on his return from a controversial trip to North Korea. RAW. VID587128_EN

PHNOM PENH: A Cambodian court frees a Russian tycoon wanted by Moscow over allegations he embezzled tens of millions of dollars in a real estate scam, and suspends extradition proceedings against him, his lawyer says. RAW. VID587116_EN

KOLKATA, INDIA: An 18-month-old girl in a Kolkata slum was the last reported polio case three years ago; she is now attending school and leading a 'normal life'. RAW. VID586967_EN


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HAVANA: The Colombian government and the FARC resume peace negotiations. RAW 2300 GMT

SALTA, ARGENTINA: The trial for the two French tourists murdered back in 2011 will reopen in the coming months. RAW 2300 GMT

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NUEVA ITALIA, MEXICO: Vigilantes seize a drug cartel's bastion in western Mexico, sparking a shootout as civilian militias gained new ground in their struggle against the gang. STOCKSHOTS. VID583274 EN /FILE. VID587221 EN

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ZURICH: FIFA Ballon d'Or 2013 winner announced. RAW. TBA

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ROME: In an exclusive interview with AFP Ivorian fooballer Gervinho says he is still waiting for his "big moment" in AS Roma. RAW. VID587190_EN


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