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Tennis: Australian Open briefs


A selection of brief stories from the Australian Open on Wednesday:

You cannot be serious

Rafael Nadal said he might ditch his uncle Toni and hire John McEnroe as a coach after other top players started working with the game's legends. Novak Djokovic is with Boris Becker, Roger Federer is working with Stefan Edberg and Andy Murray is backed by Ivan Lendl. "Well, I am thinking with McEnroe for me now," joked Nadal, who has always been coached by his uncle. "No seriously, for me, I believe in the continuation of things, long-time work. So my team is the same since I started."

Ice queen

After a day of sweltering heat, Tuesday evening was not much better and with temperatures still above 30 Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) at 11:00 pm, Maria Sharapova reached for the ice vest. Despite falling below her usual sartorial standards, the glamorous Russian said the white jacket stuffed with ice did just the trick. "I think we got the least today, considering how late we played. But it was still pretty warm out there. Warm enough to have to use some ice vests," she said, adding: "It's cool. Feels good. Makes you a little wet, but that's okay."

It's Czech, mate

Tomas Berdych has been attracting comments -- not all of them complimentary -- with his new outfit of red shorts with a blue and white striped shirt. Asked to explain the new look, which resembles Argentina's football kit, he said it also matched the colours of his country, the Czech Republic. "Yes, it looks like the Argentinian shirt. But we can say Czech colours are the same," Berdych said. "I think it's very nice, very interesting, very different to see it when all the others look the same as each other." But not everyone is convinced. "Absolutely hideous," said one social media user.