Reactions from Oscar nominees

The following are key quotes from actors and directors nominated for the 86th Academy Awards, following the announcement of the shortlists on Thursday.

- Alfonso Cuaron, director, "Gravity":

"I am particularly moved by Sandy's (Sandra Bullock's) nomination. She is the heartbeat of our film. She immersed herself in the part. And I thank her for her grace, her trust and her dedication to finding the truth of this character."

- David O Russell, director, "American Hustle":

"I'm fighting a little cold here but this will certainly go a long way to boost my immune system." (to the Hollywood Reporter)

- Meryl Streep, nominated for best actress, "August: Osage County":

"I am so happy for our film that Julia (Roberts) and I have been nominated. We are both so proud of August: Osage County. This honor from the Academy, for which we are truly grateful, will help bring attention to our film from audiences across the country, which is thrilling."

- Steve McQueen, director, "12 Years a Slave":

"All the comments were proven wrong about how difficult it is to watch. People want to see the difficult and challenging stories, and the proof is in the pudding." (to the Hollywood Reporter)

- Leonardo DiCaprio, nominated for best actor, "The Wolf of Wall Street" (speaking about director Martin Scorsese, with whom he also worked on 2004's "The Aviator"):

"In both cases I really put everything I had to get these films into production. I was lucky to have Martin Scorsese at the helm for both of them." (to Variety)

- Judi Dench, nominated for best actress, "Philomena":

"This is just the loveliest news. I'm so happy for everybody involved, and so proud to have been part of the wonderful experience that Philomena has been."

- Matthew McConaughey, nominated for best actor, "Dallas Buyers Club":

"This is the type of movie that you know going in is going to be pretty good medicine and bound to be important, but to have a homophobic hero and a good piece of entertainment, I'll take all I can get." (to Variety)