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GENEVA: Talks involving Syria's warring sides continue in Geneva, with UN mediator Lakhdar Brahimi struggling to bring them together. RAW. TBA

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GENEVA, SWITZERLAND: The Syrian opposition say they are 'cautiously optimistic' about peace talks with the Syrian regime. VID590929_EN

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND: Syria's regime arrive for peace talks with the Syrian opposition. RAW. VID590927_EN

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND: Syria's regime and opposition agree to meet together in the same room for peace talks according to UN mediator Lakhdar Brahimi. RAW. VID590865_EN


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KIEV: The EU urges the Ukrainian government to take concrete steps to halt "a spiral of violence and intimidation" and restore peace in the country. RAW. TBA

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KIEV: President Viktor Yanukovych pledges to reshuffle his government and amend controversial anti-protest laws to ease Ukraine's crisis, after losing control of local administrations. RAW. VID590902_EN

KIEV: Protesters and Ukrainian police are still locked in a tense standoff in Kiev after a night of sporadic clashes that erupted despite a truce and offer of concessions by President Viktor Yanukovych. RAW. VID590907_EN


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CAIRO: Pro-Morsi supporters call for demonstrations on the third anniversary of the January 25 revolution. RAW. 1100GMT

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CAIRO: British-Egyptian actor Khalid Abdalla says turbulent days are ahead but Egyptians are gaining freedoms. RAW. VID590706_EN



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BERLIN: Interview with Bosnian film-maker Najif Mujic, winner of the Silver Bear at the Berlin film festival in 2013, who has just had a request for asylum turned down in Germany. RAW. 1500 GMT

PARIS: French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius meets with Indonesian counterpart. RAW. 1500GMT.

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NEW YORK: Moody's holds its French credit rating at Aa1 but maintains a negative outlook, days after President Francois Hollande announces a batch of business-friendly measures to fire up growth. STOCKSHOTS. VID468504_EN

MADRID: American composer Charles Wuorinen adapts the novel "Brokeback Mountain", for the opera with the world premiere of the production taking place in Madrid Tuesday. RAW. VID590890_EN


CAIRO: Pro-Morsi supporters call for demonstrations ahead of the third anniversary of the January 25 revolution. RAW. TBC

TUNIS : Lawmakers are expected to vote on adopting a long-delayed new constitution. RAW. TBA

TUNIS: New premier Mehdi Jomaa is expected to president his government to the president. RAW. TBC

CAIRO: British-Egyptian actor Khalid Abdalla says turbulent days are ahead but Egyptians are gaining freedoms. RAW. 0300GMT

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TUNIS: New premier Mehdi Jomaa is expected to president his government to the president. RAW. TBC

SANAA: An official ceremony marks the end of Yemen's national dialogue talks. RAW. TBA


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BANGUI: Monitoring conflict in Central African Republic. RAW. TBC

JUBA: Monitoring conflict in South Sudan. RAW. TBC

ADDIS ABABA: Monitoring peace talks on South Sudan conflict. RAW. TBC

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NIAMEY: Rally held in support of Niger government demands to renegotiate its contract with French nuclear giant Areva. RAW. TBA.


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BANGKOK: Monitoring political protests. RAW. TBC

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TONGI, BANGLADESH: Vast crowds of Muslims pray near the Bangladeshi capital as the second largest annual Islamic congregation after the Hajj begins under tight security. RAW. VID590819_EN

HYDERABAD, INDIA: Indian Muslim schoolgirls perform "Vovinam", as part of an event to mark National Girl Child Day. RAW. VID590919_EN

DHAKA: Stock shots of political, economic and daily life in the capital of Bangladesh. RAW. VID590566_EN


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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: Apple marks the 30th anniversary of the original Macintosh personal computer, a transformative machine credited with introducing concepts such as the mouse. RAW. VID590789_EN


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MONTEVIDEO: So-called "longest carnival in the world" snakes through Uruguayan capital. RAW. Overnight

RIO DE JANEIRO: The 'Anonymous Movement' calls for a national day of action against the World Cup. RAW. 2300 GMT

BUENOS AIRES: Monitoring economic situation in Argentina. RAW. TBA

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HAVANA: Summit of Community of Latin American and Caribbean States takes place Tuesday and Wednesday. STOCKSHOTS of Havana. VID586343_EN

BUENOS AIRES: Argentina's peso stabilizes after plunging 14 percent in panic-selling over two days, helped by the government's removal of some exchange controls and the central bank's reported resumption of intervention. RAW. VID590911_EN

SAN JOSE: Thousands of supporters gather in San José for the ultimate meeting of leftist candidate, José Maria Villalta, one of the main contenders for the presidential election. RAW. VID590923_EN

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EVREUX, FRANCE: Extreme sportsman Pierre-Michael Micaletti has set himself a tough challenge -- to complete the Tour de France in six days, riding through a virtual velodrome and with a medical team tracking his every heartbeat. RAW. TBA

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BARCELONA, SPAIN: Barcelona's new boss declares the club "never lied" as he reveals for the first time financial details of the disputed 57.1-million-euro signing of Brazilian star Neymar.RAW. VID590915_EN



VALPARAISO, Chile: Does the city of Valparaiso still deserve its place on UNESCO's world heritage list? The famous Chilean port may lost its coveted title after building a huge shopping mall. PKG VOICED VID590468_EN / NSV VID590469_EN

BETHESDA, MARYLAND: For decades, the American dream for many has been to live in the suburbs, but that's gradually changing as more families choose to live in the city, forcing the suburbs to work hard to appeal to young people. NSV: VID590873_EN / VOICED: VID590874_EN


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