India scores lowest on copyright protection: US survey

India was ranked lowest for enforcing trademarks, patents and other intellectual property in a report released by the US Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday.

India scored just 6.95 on a 30-point index, the second annual list to be compiled by the group's Global Intellectual Property Centre (GIPC).

"India continues to have the weakest IP environment of all countries included in the Index," the report, emailed to AFP, said.

"Continued patent revocations and weak legislative and enforcement mechanisms raise serious concerns about India's commitment to promote innovation and protect creators," the report said.

The United States topped the rankings for 2013 with a score of 28.52 in the index that covered 25 countries and evaluated performances in protection and enforcement of patents, trademark, copyrights and trade secrets.

Britain got second best marks with 27.59 points while France was ranked third at 27.15.

As in the first GIPC index, India scored lowest notably in patents, copyrights and international treaties.

India has been under consistent fire for music and software piracy and also drug licensing policies that reward its vast generics industry which turns out cheaper copycat versions of life-saving branded medicines.

That has led to a string of expensive intellectual property setbacks for Western drugmakers such as Roche and Pfizer in the quickly growing Indian pharmaceutical market.

China, awarded 11.62 marks, showed some improvements, the group said, but its overall intellectual property environment "continued to see challenges particularly in regard to trade secret protection and enforcement".

Singapore, Australia and Japan had the strongest intellectual property protection in the Asia-Pacific region, the survey found.