Americas News Agenda for September 2

Duty Editor: Jim Mannion

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What's happening in the Americas on Tuesday:

+ Obama heads to Estonia as Ukraine crisis rages

+ Top US health official gives Ebola update

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama heads to Estonia for a highly symbolic visit to the ex-Soviet state, setting the stage for a NATO summit in Wales later this week that is likely to be dominated by the Ukraine crisis. Picture (US-ESTONIA-NATO-RUSSIA-UKRAINE)

WASHINGTON: Top US health official Tom Frieden gives an update on efforts by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the government to control the spread of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, following his visit to the hard-hit region. 1600 GMT (HEALTH-EBOLA-WAFRICA-US)


NEW YORK: The US Open Tennis Championships. Through September 8. Picture (TENNIS-USA-OPEN)

WASHINGTON: Monitoring developments as Washington mulls ways to slow the advance in Iraq and Syria of the jihadist IS group, after President Barack Obama ruled out immediate military strikes in Syria. (IRAQ-SYRIA-CONFLICT-US-MILITARY)

-- The Commerce Department reports data on construction spending in July. 1400 GMT (US-ECONOMY-CONSTRUCTION)

-- The Institute for Supply Management publishes its August purchasing managers index for the manufacturing sector. 1400 GMT (US-ECONOMY-MANUFACTURING-PMI-ISM)