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HOMS: Aid teams prepare to resume the evacuation of civilians from besieged neighbourhoods of Homs. RAW. TBC

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GENEVA: Fresh talks resume between Syria's government and opposition delegations. RAW. VID595939_EN / VID596016_EN


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GENEVA/BRUSSELS: Monitoring reaction after Swiss voters narrowly vote in favour of curbs on immigration from the EU. RAW. TBA

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BRUSSELS: EU Foreign Ministers meet for talks one day after Swiss voters narrowly vote in favour of curbs on immigration from the EU. RAW. VID595937_EN/ VID595971_EN/ VID595972_EN

GENEVA: Swiss media warns that the close weekend vote to limit EU immigration was a slap in the face of the federal government. RAW. VID595916_EN (papers) / VID595955_EN (analyst)

GENEVA: Reeling from a vote to cap EU immigration, Switzerland's business community hopes to limit the damage to trade ties with the big European bloc. RAW. VID595953_EN


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ROSA KHUTOR, RUSSIA: Reactions to the results of Alpine skiing's ladies' super combined. RAW. TBC

- Reactions to the final of the men's skiing biathlon. RAW. TBC

- Germany's Felix Loch says he's relieved to have retained his Olympic luge singles title at the Sochi Games on Sunday. RAW. 1300 GMT

SOCHI, RUSSIA : Reactions to the results of the skiing short track men's 1500m sprint final. RAW. TBC

- Reactions from the Russian team following the hosts' first gold medal victory in the new Olympic team skating event on Sunday. RAW. TBC

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SOCHI, RUSSIA: IOC press conference on security checks and impressions of Olympic village life from snowboarder American Sage Kotsenburg. RAW. VID595866_EN

- File footage shots of security forces deployed across the city over the past week. FILE. VID595931_EN

- Japanese figure skater Daisuke Takahashi says he's astonished to discover his music composer confessed to hiring another man to write his best-known works. RAW. VID595963_EN

- Togo says its athletes hope to amaze the world at Games. RAW. VID595976_EN

- Press conference with the organisers of the Oslo 2022 Winter Olympics bid. RAW. VID595872_EN

KRASNAYA POLYANA, RUSSIA: The US snowboard team speak of how their discipline is evolving. RAW. VID595928_EN

ZAO, JAPAN: Along with American Sarah Hendrickson, Japan's Sara Takanashi is favourite to make history as the first Olympic women's ski jumping champion. REFILE. PKG. NSV VID595804_EN/ VOICED VID590582_EN

VAL THORENS, France: Ski Slopestyle makes its Olympic debut at Sochi, a discipline adding some adrenaline to the Games. REFILE. PKG. NSV - 592486 / VOICED - 592489 ZAO,



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KIEV: Ukraine's parliamentary leaders discuss constitutional changes that would strip President Viktor Yanukovych of some of his powers. RAW. TBC

VARIOUS, ITALY: New trial of ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi on a corruption charge starts in Naples on Tuesday. FILE. 1800 GMT

LONDON: Dozens of ivory items, from elephant tusks to carvings and jewellery will be crushed ahead of a major conference on illegal wildlife trade. RAW. 1800GMT

BERLIN: "A Long Way Down" starring Pierce Brosnan is presented at the Berlinale Film Festival. RAW. TBA

RIBNOVO, BULGARIA: In the Rhodopes range, Bulgaria's Pomak Muslim minority continues its tradition of painting the faces of brides-to-be to keep their faces hidden. RAW. TBA

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KIEV: Activists took to a piano perched on Kiev's most famous anti-government barricade Monday, playing Chopin, the national anthem and the Beatles. RAW. VID596019_EN

THE HAGUE: Congolese war crimes suspect Bosco Ntaganda, known as "The Terminator" appears before the ICC in a hearing to decide whether there is sufficient evidence to put him on trial. RAW. VID595980_EN / VID595935_EN /VID595904_EN / FILE. VID595596_EN

BERLIN: Two members of the Russian punk group Pussy Riot claim they are still part of the movement, after other members disown them in a letter posted on the group's blog. RAW. VID595958_EN

PARIS: French President Francois Hollande begins a three-day visit to the US hoping to leave scandal behind as he seeks to shore up business ties and revive France's stagnant economy. RAW. VID595923_EN

WARSAW: Poland is the only country in the world that offers a medal to married couples who celebrate their golden anniversary, 50 years of wedding. RAW. VID595996_EN

PARIS: Taxi drivers in Paris go on strike to protest against unregulated competition, and threaten to block access to the city centre. RAW. VID595896_EN


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BANGUI: Monitoring unrest in Central African Republic. RAW. TBC

JUBA: Monitoring conflict in South Sudan. RAW. TBC

LUSAKA: Zambia's former president Rupiah Banda appears in court charged with corruption. RAW. TBC


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SANAA: A presidential panel has agreed to transform Yemen into a six-region federation. RAW. VID595985_EN

BUSHEHER, IRAN: Iranian officials say they have developed a new generation of centrifuges which are 15 times more powerful than those currently being used to enrich uranium. RAW. VID554434_EN


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KATHMANDU, NEPAL: Nepal's fractious lawmakers elect veteran politician Sushil Koirala as prime minister, with the 75-year-old promising to steer through a long-delayed new constitution within a year. RAW. VID596018_EN

KABUL: Two civilian contractors working for the NATO force in Afghanistan are killed in a bomb attack. RAW. VID596014_EN

TOKYO: Nissan says its nine-month net profit jumped 18.4 percent, capping a buoyant earnings season for Japan's top three automakers thanks to a cheap yen and rising sales in North America and China. STOCKSHOTS. VID340726_EN

DENPASAR, INDONESIA: Schapelle Corby is released on parole after more than nine years behind bars. RAW. VID595835_EN / VID595847_EN


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WASHINGTON: French President Francois Hollande arrives in Washington for state visit. RAW. 2030 GMT

- Hollande and Obama visit Monticello, historic residence of Thomas Jefferson. RAW. 2200 GMT

- Hollande hosts a dinner for IMF and World Bank chiefs. RAW. 0230 GMT (Tues)

WASHINGTON: The Office of the First Lady conducts a press preview behind the scenes of the White House ahead of the state dinner to be held on Tuesday in honor of President Hollande. RAW. 2330 GMT

REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA: President Hollande is to meet Wednesday with a number of French technology entrepreneurs who have set up in Silicon Valley. AFPTV talks to some of them. RAW. 1900 GMT

LOS ANGELES: Oscar nominees gather for annual pre-show luncheon, three weeks ahead of the 86th Academy Awards. RAW. TBC


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RIO DE JANEIRO: Fresh demonstrations planned against bus fare hikes after previous protests sparked clashes between police and protesters. RAW. 2300 GMT

CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA: Further news coverage of summit of the Pacific Alliance Latin American trade bloc. RAW. 2300 GMT

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MONACO: PSG draw 1-1 with Monaco following a Thiago Silva own goal. RAW. VID595831_EN (presser)



YANGON: With modern cars and the latest models of mobile phones swamping Yangon, mechanics and phone fixers are struggling to keep up. But for those who have worked out how to repair them, business is booming. PKG. NSV. VID593529_EN - VOICED. VID593530_EN

BUENOS AIRES: In 2008, Argentina's Supreme Court ordered the government to clean up the Riachuelo river -- one of the 10 most polluted places in the world -- but authorities have been slow to act, prompting a group of children to take matters into their own hands. PKG. NSV - VID594187_EN / VOICED - VID594186_EN

BERLIN: Soaring above a pine forest in the heart of former communist East Germany, a huge hangar built to house airships on an old Soviet airbase has been transformed into a popular, if unlikely, tropical getaway. PKG. NSV - VID593904_EN / VOICED - VID593905_EN


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