Olympics: Kushnir completes Belarus aerials double

Anton Kushnir completed a Belarus double in the aerials competition by winning men's Olympic gold on Monday.

Following Alla Tsuper's victory in the women's competition, he also succeeded compatriot Alexei Grishin as Winter Games winner after the defending champion was knocked out in the heats.

"I was just lucky today to be honest," said the humble champion. "I like to jump when my competitors are at a high level, it stimulates me.

"Unfortunately the Chinese athletes made mistakes. I thought it would be close and decided on small technical issues but they made mistakes."

Australian David Morris was a shock silver medallist while Jia Zongyang took bronze for China ahead of his world champion teammate Qi Guangpu.

Morris tried the least complicated jump in the final but he said it wasn't a case of simply hedging his bets.

"To be honest I'd never been to a super final before so I thought, I've never been here, I've got as far as I can possibly get, I'd be happy with a fourth.

"I don't expect to beat some of these guys with their huge jumps so I didn't have the pressure like I have to win this. I came down and did the jump and just tried to put it on my feet and let them (try to) beat me.

"I'm never going to out-jump those guys."

Kushnir managed a staggering score of 134.50 in the super final to win by some margin over the competition, although both Chinese athletes crash-landed their jumps.

Morris's jump scored a modest 110.41 while neither Chinese broke the 100 barrier.

Jia said he had no regrets about trying such a tough jump in the super final.

"If I didn't try this jump maybe it would have been a safer plan but I would have regretted it," he said.

Just as in the women's competition, China had two competitors in the super final but could manage only one medal in each and no golds.

"The Chinese team could have done better," admitted Qi.

Either Jia or Qi had top-scored on all three rounds before the super final but neither could pull it off when it mattered most.

Earlier in the day Grishin was knocked out after finishing second last in the first heat and then failing to make a top six finish in the second-chance, second heat.

China's World Cup winner Liu Zhongqing, the Vancouver bronze medallist, also had a disaster and crashed out after finishing 18th out of 21 in the first heat and last out of 15 in the second.