Olympics: Crook marks ski landmark for British Virgin Islands

When Peter Crook first went to his Olympic Committee on the British Virgin Islands to ask to set up a skiing association, they thought he was talking about water-skiing.

But having got over that initial misunderstanding, the 20-year-old, who moved to the US when he was eight, has gone on to become an Olympian for the Caribbean nation.

And despite finishing 27th out of the 28 active competitors in the men's ski halfpipe event in Sochi, Crook could not hide his delight.

"It has been great. It has been a huge honour to be able to represent my country here and put it back on the charts for the Winter Olympics, because it has been 30 years," he said after his qualification heats on Tuesday.

The last time an athlete from the BVI competed at the Winter Games was Erroll Fraser in speed skating in Sarajevo 1984.

To be the first winter Olympian in 30 years for his country, Crook and his father Barney had to first set up the BVI ski association.

"When we first went to the BVI Olympic Committee, they thought I was talking about water skiing," he said.

"My dad and I had to set up the BVI ski association, which allowed us then to compete at international level under the BVI. We are pretty much the ski association."

The BVI is a British Overseas territory made up of around 60 tropical islands with an average maximum temperature of 29 degrees Celsius in winter.

Although most of the islands are hilly, they are volcanic rather comprising than alpine mountains.