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RAQA / DAMASCUS / WASHINGTON: News coverage after the US and Arab allies bomb Islamic State jihadists in Syria. TBC

WASHINGTON: Director of Operations J3, Lt. Gen. William Mayville, briefs on operations in Syria. RAW. 1600 GMT

AMMAN, JORDAN: Jordan says its planes joined strikes in Syria. RAW. TBC

ALGIERS / PARIS: An Algerian group linked to Islamic State jihadists claims the kidnapping of a French national and threatens to kill the hostage within 24 hours unless Paris halts air strikes on the IS in Iraq. RAW. TBA

BAGHDAD: Monitoring conflict in Iraq. RAW. TBC

MURSITPINAR, Turkey: Following as the exodus of Kurdish Syrians to Turkey continues as Islamic State fighters advance on Syria's third-largest Kurdish town and clashes break out on the Turkish side of the frontier. RAW. TBA

MONTEVIDEO: Latin American countries are increasingly becoming an option for Syrian refugees, like tiny Uruguay, which is soon expecting the first Syrian families dreaming of a new life away from civil war. RAW. 2300 GMT

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WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama says the coalition of Arab nations involved in the first US air strikes in Syria shows the United States is not alone in combating the Islamic State group. RAW. VID670806_EN

UNKNOWN: A propaganda video posted online by the IS group is said to show new recruits in training. RAW VID670771_EN

GULF SEA: US navy footage shows Tomahawk cruise missiles being launched from the USS Philippine Sea. RAW. VID670710_EN

GOLAN HEIGHTS: Smoke rises from the Syrian Golan as Israel shoots down a Syrian fighter jet. RAW. VID670701_EN

LEVALLOIS, FRANCE: The brother-in-law of Mohamed Merah, the Al-Qaeda-inspired gunman who went on a killing spree in 2012 that shocked France, was arrested at a Paris airport Tuesday on suspicion of having joined jihadists in Syria. RAW. VID670850_EN

PARIS: France says there will be no negotiation with an Algerian group linked to Islamic State jihadists that has claimed the kidnapping of a French citizen. RAW. VID670688_EN

PARIS: The kidnapping of a French national in Algeria is evidence of an increased risk of attacks against French targets by small Jihadist groups looking for funds and publicity, according to a French expert of Arab affairs. RAW. VID670801_EN

DHULUIYAH, IRAQ: Caught between jihadists and the Tigris River, residents of one neighbourhood in a Sunni town in Iraq have taken up arms alongside security forces and held out for months. PKG. NSV - VID670186_EN / VOICED - VID670187_EN

RAQA, SYRIA: Islamic State group jihadists claim an American drone crashed after hitting a telecommunication tower. RAW. VID667647_EN

VARIOUS: Archive of the Islamic State group. FILE. VID661117_EN

BALAD, IRAQ: Small, battered metal boats crowd a muddy landing site on the Tigris River, taking on goods and passengers for the trip to an Iraqi area jihadists have besieged for months. RAW. VID670538_EN

AKACKALE/ SURUC/YUMURTALIK TURKEY: More than 130,000 Syrian Kurds have fled across the border into Turkey, escaping an advance by Islamic State jihadists, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said on Monday. RAW. VID670666_EN/ VID670754_EN/ VID670472_EN

NICE, FRANCE: An Algerian group linked to Islamic State jihadists kidnaps and threatens to kill a French hostage unless Paris halts air strikes on the IS in Iraq. Images of hostage's neighbourhood. RAW. VID670610_EN

BERLIN: French PM vows 'no negotiation' with Algeria hostage-takers. RAW. VID670688_EN

PARIS: Algeria kidnap show increased risk for French targets: expert. RAW. VID670801_EN

LEVALLOIS-LE-PERRET, FRANCE: Brother-in-law of French jihadist held after Syria trip. RAW. VID670850_EN

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama says the coalition of Arab nations involved in the first US air strikes in Syria, showed the United States was not alone in combating the Islamic State group. RAW. VID670806_EN

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UNKNOWN LOCATION: Frenchman abducted in eastern Algeria. PHOTO. VID670564_EN

NEW YORK: French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius speaks about the need for international action against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria during a discussion at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. RAW. VID670518_EN


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KIEV/EASTERN UKRAINE: News coverage of the conflict in Ukraine. RAW. TBC

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KIEV: The European Union warned energy giant Russia on Tuesday not to use gas supplies as a weapon in its standoff with Ukraine over the fate of its neighbour's separatist east. RAW. VID670808_EN

DONETSK: Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian rebels battle around the airport sending flames and clouds of black smoke into the sky, AFP journalists say. RAW. VID670657_EN


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UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK: Heads of state attend a climate change summit at the UN. RAW ( President Obama's address). 1800 GMT / RAW (presser with Ban Ki-Moon). TBA / Rolling coverage. TBA

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UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK: UN prepares to welcome the world for annual General Assembly. RAW. VID670634_EN



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MANCHESTER, UK: The leader of the British Labour Party Ed Miliband gives his speech to the party's annual conference, their last before the 2015 general election. RAW. 1700 GMT

OSLO: The 1984 Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu visits Norway at the invitation of the Nobel Centre. On merit. TBC

PARIS: Ruling expected on the banning of controversial comedian Dieudonne from a Paris theatre. FILE. TBA

PARIS: Hospital staff protest against "austerity against health". RAW. TBA

PARIS: Air France pilots to demonstrate after rejecting a last-ditch management offer to end ongoing strike. RAW. TBA

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GENEVA: The number of Ebola infections will triple to 20,000 by November, soaring by thousands every week if efforts to stop the outbreak are not stepped up radically, the WHO warned in a study on Tuesday. RAW. VID670714_EN

LONDON: Scientists in London plan to push ahead with clinical trials of prototype Ebola treatments but warn this isn't going to help in containing the epidemic in the near future. RAW. VID670781_EN

MANCHESTER, UK: The Labour party would be unwise to rush into any decision on UK constitutional change ahead of the general election in 2015, according to the Fabian Society think tank. RAW. VID670797_EN (Expert interview)

BERLIN: French Prime Minister Manuel Valls attends Germany's Industry Day. RAW. VID670689_EN

PARIS: The new 10-euro note goes into circulation. RAW. VID670696_EN

MADRID: Spain's conservative government abandons controversial plans to restrict access to abortion after failing to agree on how far the reform should go, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says. FILE. VID593225_EN

PARIS: A strike by Air France pilots that has forced the airline to scrap more than half its flights stretches into its second week. RAW. VID670482_EN / VID670603_EN (vox pop)

VIENNA: Ahead of the 75th anniversary of the death of Sigmund Freud Tuesday, the director of the Freud Museum shares her thoughts on the father of psychoanalysis. RAW. VID670483_EN

BERLIN: French PM says pilot strike 'real danger' for Air France. RAW. VID670689_EN

MILAN: Hot on the fashionable heels of New York, London and Paris, Milan Fashion Week wrapped up Sunday, after showcasing the latest trends for Spring Summer 2015. RAW. VID670746_EN

FLORENCE, ITALY: Press conference on the progress of restoration of Leonardo da Vinci's "Adoration of the Magi" which began two years ago. RAW. VID670730_EN


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MONROVIA/FREETOWN: Monitoring the fight against the spread of the Ebola virus. RAW. TBC

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NAIROBI: The trial of four men charged in connection with Kenya's Westgate mall massacre is hit by allegations from defence lawyers that the suspects have been assaulted in detention. RAW. VID670773_EN


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SANAA: Yemeni President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi vowed to restore state authority and warned of "civil war" in the Sunni-majority country as Shiite rebels were seen in near-total control of the capital. RAW. TBC

BEIRUT: Hassan Nasrallah, chief of Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite movement, delivers an address. RAW. 2000 GMT

TUNIS: The Islamist Ennahdha party, frontrunner in October legislative polls, presents its electoral programme. 1400 GMT

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TEHRAN: Iran unveils a new missile-quipped drone. RAW. VID670753_EN

HEBRON, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES: Israeli troops kills two Palestinians suspected in teens murder. RAW. VID670745_EN (Funeral), VID670681_EN

NEW YORK: Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas gives an impassioned speech in which he vows to present a new timetable for peace talks with Israel when he addresses world leaders at the United Nations later this week. RAW. VID670623_EN


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NEW YORK: Bin Laden son-in-law sentenced to life in prison: US court. FILE. TBA

WASHINGTON: SpaceX's unmanned Dragon spacecraft arrives at the International Space Station with a cargo of supplies, including freeze-dried meals, 20 live lab mice and a 3D printer. RAW. 1530 GMT

NEW YORK: US Secretary of State John Kerry denounces human rights abuses in North Korea and calls on Pyongyang to shut down its penal colonies. RAW. 1600 GMT

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WASHINGTON: The United States says it is halting the use of anti-personnel mines apart from in the tense No Man's Land between the Koreas. FILE. VID643640_EN


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BRASILIA: Corruption in Brazilian politics has taken center stage in the candidates' campaigns for the October 5 presidential election, after a former director of oil giant Petrobras accused dozens of politicians of taking oil deal kickbacks. STOCKSHOTS. VID666322_EN

HAVANA: Cuban doctors get ready to leave to Sierra Leone to help tackle the Ebola outbreak. RAW. 2300 GMT

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BUENOS AIRES: Argentina tells Citibank and Bank of New York Mellon to either execute its debt payments or repay money frozen in dispute with two creditors, as the country is due to make a new interest payment on its debt on September 30. STOCKSHOTS. VID657478_EN

SAN JUAN SACATEPEQUEZ, GUATEMALA: Eleven indigenous people are killed in a village west of the Guatemalan capital after communal clashes. RAW. VID670640_EN

LIMA: Peru currently has 47 native languages, a cultural diversity that was celebrated at the third "Tinkuy" ("meeting" in quechua) event. RAW. VID669912_EN


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KABUL: Monitoring developments in Afghanistan after a power-sharing deal was announced. TBC

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ABBOTTABAD: A US court sentences Osama bin Laden's son-in-law and former Al-Qaeda spokesman Sulaiman Abu Ghaith to life in prison. FILE. VID402615_EN

BANGALORE: India's low-cost spacecraft is expected to start orbiting Mars on Wednesday; the first time an Asian nation has reached the Red Planet. RAW. VID670765_EN

HONG KONG: Hong Kong students mob the city's leader in angry scenes as they take their anti-Beijing strike to government headquarters, where more than 1,000 protest against China's refusal to grant full democracy. RAW. VID670711_EN

NEW DELHI: A white tiger attacks and kills a youth who apparently jumped into its enclosure at a zoo in the Indian capital. RAW. VID670733_EN

PHNOM PENH: Cambodians celebrate annual Pchum Ben Festival, the festival for the dead. RAW. VID670653_EN

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Euro football coverage available to subscribers only:

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LISBON: Fernando Santos has been named as the new coach of Portugal, succeeding Portuguese compatriot Paulo Bento. FILE. VID670751_EN

BARCELONA: Pre-match training and presser from Barcelona ahead of their Liga match at Malaga on Wednesday. RAW. EFT532_EN



SREBRENICA, BOSNIA AND HERCEGOVINA: Muslims strum the guitar and hit the drums while Serbs play keyboard and bass: a Srebrenica band hopes to lift the "curse" on the Bosnian town scarred by Europe's worst massacre since World War II. RAW. VID660222_EN

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA: Robots are increasingly taking some of the burden of mundane tasks away from human beings. Robotic assembly lines have reinvented manufacturing, and now mobile, autonomous machines are starting to be used in the service industry. PKG. NSV - VID670460_EN / VOICED - VID670461_EN


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