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WASHINGTON/UNITED NATIONS: Monitoring US and UN reaction to events in Ukraine. RAW. TBA

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BRUSSELS: Ukraine interim prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk signs the political provisions of a landmark association accord with EU leaders in defiance of Russia. RAW. VID609117_EN

- Yatsenyuk calls for global economic pressure against Russia to halt its drive to forge "a new world order". RAW. VID609124_EN

- Chancellor Merkel said deal with Ukraine is a solid base for collaboration. RAW. VID609238_EN

- President Hollande says Putin is still invited to D-Day World War II commemorations. RAW. VID609221_EN

SEVASTOPOL, CRIMEA: As the flags go down one by one on Ukraine's fleet in Crimea, Russian forces are laying siege to the few ships left in a strongly pro-Russian community that is hostile to the new government in Kiev. RAW. VID609261_EN

- Celebrations to mark Sevastapol's union with Russia. RAW. VID609417_EN

- Ukrainian warships are blocked by Russian ships. RAW. VID609085_EN

- Ukrainian warship the Ternopil has been taken over by armed gunmen. RAW. VID609184_EN

SIMFEROPOL, CRIMEA: At least 2,000 people gathered Friday night in Crimea's Simferopol to celebrate its union with Russia. RAW. VID609387_EN

PEREVALNE, CRIMEA: Ukrainian soldiers desert their posts at Perevalne military base, Russian soldiers move in. RAW. VID609256_EN / VID609330_EN

CHONGAR, CRIMEA: Motorists now have to pass through a checkpoint at Chongar in northern Crimea which serves as a checkpoint between Ukraine and Russian-controlled Crimea. RAW. VID609191_EN

KIEV/ODESSA, UKRAINE: Ukrainians have mixed reactions to deal with EU. RAW. VID609356_EN / VID609298_EN

KIEV: UN chief Ban Ki-moon says the Ukrainian crisis can only be resolved through a diplomatic solution that respects the territorial integrity of Ukraine. RAW. VID609245_EN

MOSCOW: Russia's upper house of parliament, the Federation Council, votes unanimously to incorporate Crimea into Russia. RAW. VID609134_EN

- Fitch ratings agency downgrades its outlook for Russia from stable to negative after new sanctions are implemented. STOCKSHOTS. VID602973_EN


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KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian authorities say it will be a "long haul" to find the missing jet. RAW. VID609167_EN

CANBERRA: Australia says radars fail to detect any sign of a missing Malaysian jetliner and it is switching to skilled observers to spot any debris in the southern Indian Ocean. RAW. VID609072_EN


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ANKARA: Campaign rally with Mansur Yavas, running for mayor of Ankara from the Republican People's Party in local elections on March 30. RAW. 2300 GMT

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ISTANBUL: An association of 'observers' is set up to prevent fraud at the polling ahead of municipal elections at the end of the month. RAW. VID609113_EN

ISTANBUL: Turks react to Twitter black-out. RAW. VID609189_EN

ISTANBUL/BURSA, TURKEY: Twitter goes offline in Turkey just hours after Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatens to "wipe out" the social network -- one of several highlighting corruption allegations in his inner circle. RAW. VID609078_EN


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KABUL: Afghans voice their concerns after at least nine civilians including an AFP reporter, children and foreigners are killed in a Taliban attack on a luxury hotel in Kabul. RAW. VID609069_EN

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KABUL: Police surround a luxury Kabul hotel, where Taliban gunmen killed nine. RAW. VID608975_EN



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HALF MOON ISLAND, ANTARCTICA: Stockshots of research stations on Antarctica (Brazil, Chile, Russia, Poland). STOCKSHOTS. 2300 GMT

TEOTIHUACAN, MEXICO: Thousands of Mexicans and tourists travel to Teotihuacan to celebrate the Spring equinox. The site is famous for its two enormous pyramids built to honour the sun and the moon. RAW. 2100 GMT

SANTA ANA DE YACUMA, BOLIVIA: New ruling in the case of the alleged murder of a young French couple whose bodies were never found, after the alleged murderer asked for house arrest after being sentenced to 30 years in jail without the possibility of parole three weeks ago. FILE. TBA

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ISLA DE LOBOS, URUGUAY: This small island off the Uruguayan coast is home to the biggest colony of fur seals in South America. RAW. VID609172_EN

HALF MOON ISLAND, ANTARCTICA: Stockshots of life on Argentina's research station on Antarctica. STOCKSHOTS. VID608970_EN


Attention clients, the item ex-Poland on a horse-riding journey to Rome for the canonisation of John Paul II has been delayed until Saturday. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis meets hundreds of relatives of mafia victims to demonstrate the need for the Church to take part in the fight against organised crime. RAW. VID609377_EN

ROME: Deputy head of the anti-mafia Libera group explains the importance of the pope's support in fighting mafia crime. RAW. VID609162_EN

PARIS: Sunday's local election is the first French vote since President Francois Hollande came to power, and seen as a major test for the troubled leader. PKG. NSV - VID609140_EN /VOICED - VID609141_EN

PARIS: Frontrunner for Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo holds final election rally ahead of Sunday's municipal election. RAW. VID609148_EN

PARIS: Parisians say the main issues influencing their choice in Sunday's municipal elections are the environment and employment. RAW. VID609247_EN / STOCKSHOTS. VID608928_EN

HENIN BEAUMONT, FRANCE: Far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen campaigns in the streets ahead of Sunday's local election. RAW. VID609161_EN

ROME: Results of an online poll asking whether Venice and the surrounding region should split off from Italy and form its own state. FILE. VID608401_EN

PARIS: Chinese artist Liu Bolin erects a giant statue outside the Grand Palais ahead of the Paris Art Fair at which China is guest of honour. RAW. VID609337_EN

LONDON: Press preview of works by British artist L.S. Lowry ahead of their auction next week. RAW. VID609277_EN


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HOMS, SYRIA: Syrian regime forces seize the famed Krak des Chevaliers Crusader castle, killing dozens of rebels in the surrounding area and sending scores fleeing across the nearby Lebanese border. RAW. VID609402_EN

MANAMA: Thousands of Bahrainis, mainly from the Shiite majority, demonstrate against what they say is "sectarian discrimination" in the Sunni-ruled kingdom. RAW. VID609333_EN

TEHRAN : Iran's supreme leader criticises the United States for its policies on Iran in his New Year address to the nation. RAW. VID609225_EN

GAZA, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES/ISRAEL: Israel says Gaza 'terrorist' tunnel discovered. RAW. VID609186_EN


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HARARE: Zimbabwe decides to reduce wages of the heads of state companies. RAW. 1400 GMT (Trade union interview)/ RAW. 1400 GMT (Vox)

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BENISHANGUL-GUMUZ, ETHIOPIA: Ethiopia is building a massive hydroelectric dam on the Nile, with an eventual capacity of 6,000 megawatts - the equivalent of four nuclear reactors - at a cost of 3.2 billion euros. RAW. VID608409_EN


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ATTARI, INDIA: BJP election rally ahead of India's general election that begins on April 7. RAW. VID609250_EN

TOKYO: Climate experts debate as the United Nations releases their 2014 World Water Development Report. RAW. VID609094_EN / VID609092_EN (STOCKSHOTS)


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WASHINGTON: PETA animal rights activists lead a herd of inflatable elephants in a demonstration against a circus company. RAW. VID609001_EN

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NYON, SWITZERLAND: Teams react to the draw for the Champions League quarter-finals. RAW. VID609271_EN / VID609208_EN

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND: FIFA accepts "some responsibility" over the welfare of migrant workers constructing venues for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar but says it is powerless to intervene. RAW. VID609338_EN

Euro football coverage available to subscribers only:

Filed over past 12 hours:

LONDON: Pre-match presser from Arsenal ahead of their Premier League match with Chelsea on Saturday. RAW. VID609384_EN

Filed over past 12 hours:

MUNICH/MAINZ, GERMANY: Pre-match training and presser before Mainz meets with Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga on Saturday. RAW. EFT101_EN

MONACO: Pre-match presser before the Ligue 1 match between Monaco and Lille. RAW. EFT104_EN



NARAIL, BANGLADESH: Generations of fishing communities in southern Bangladesh have trained otters to help them catch fish by driving them towards underwater nets but the rare tradition is slowly dying out as riverbeds dry up and fish populations decline. PKG. NSV - VID607525_EN / VOICED - VID607526_EN

BAGHDAD: As recently as the 1970s, Baghdad was lauded as a model city in the Arab world. But now, after decades of seemingly endless conflict, it is considered the world's worst city. PKG. NSV - VID608109_EN / VOICED - VID608110_EN


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