Brazil earmarks $3bn for airports upgrade

Brazil will invest more than $3 billion on upgrading 270 airports across the continent-sized nation, the government said Friday, as it looks to modernize the network.

A statement said the Regional Aviation Plan was designed to leave 95 percent of Brazil's 200 million population living within 100km (62.5 miles) of an airport.

The government also wants to put before Congress a proposal to subsidize the cost of domestic air travel via a national civil aviation fund.

Brazil is straining to modernize an often saturated network as it prepares to welcome some three million domestic and 600,000 foreign tourists for a World Cup spread across 12 host cities.

Civil Aviation Secretary Wellington Moreira Franco in January complained of delays in improvements to airport infrastructure, including the World Cup venue of Fortaleza in the northeast.

There, delays have forced authorities to accept some degree of improvisation, including a temporary tent terminal.