Russia sanctions put Canadian aircraft sales in doubt

Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier faces $3.4 billion in lost potential sales to Russia as Canada and its allies impose sanctions over the former Soviet state's move to annex Crimea, reports said Friday.

A senior executive told an investor conference in New York this week that the clash between the West and Russia has created a snag in its negotiations to sell as many as 100 Q400 Turboprop aircraft to Russia's state-owned Rostec, according to several Canadian newspapers.

The planes are valued at $3.4 billion.

The firm's aerospace president Guy Hachey was quoted as saying the sanctions "softened up a little bit the discussions" with Russia.

His comments were echoed by Bombardier president Pierre Beaudoin, and cited in analysts' reports.

Bombardier did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Bombardier signed a letter of intent in August to sell the Q400 turboprop aircraft to Rostec.

The tentative deal, which was to be firmed this year, included plans for an aircraft assembly line in Russia.

It would be a big jump in sales to Russia for the world's third largest aircraft manufacturer, after it earned a mere $250 million from sales to Russia in 2013.

Bombardier is also reportedly wooing Russian and other former Soviet state's airlines to buy its newest and biggest C-Series jetliners.