Athletics: Prize money and timetable for IAAF World Relays

Prize money and timetable of the inaugural IAAF World Relays in Nassau on May 24-25:

Prize money

A total prize purse of $1.4 million will be on offer for the men's and women's races

Team prize money for each race (all amounts are in US$)

1st - 50,000

2nd - 30,000

3rd - 20,000

4th - 12,000

5th - 10,000

6th - 8000

7th - 6000

8th - 4000

Note: Any team who breaks a world record in Nassau will receive a $50,000 bonus from the IAAF. The payment of all prize money is dependent upon athletes undergoing and clearing the usual anti-doping procedures.

Timetable (all times GMT)

Saturday, May 24

2130 Men's 4x200m heats

2149 Women's 4x100m heats

2214 Men's 4x800m final

2238 Women's 4x400m heats

2312 Men's 4x400m heats

2343 Women's 4x1500m final

0015 Men's 4x200m final

0033 Women's 4x100m final B

0042 Women's 4x100m final

Sunday, May 25

2130 Women's 4x200m heats

2149 Men's 4x100m heats

2214 Women's 4x400m final B

2226 Women's 4x400m final

2246 Men's 4x1500m final

2317 Women's 4x800m final

2341 Men's 4x400m final B

2352 Men's 4x400m final

0011 Women's 4x200m final

0028 Men's 4x100m final B

0037 Men's 4x100m final