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AFPTV-Advisory 0900GMT


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VARIOUS, EU: Rolling news coverage of reactions to the European election. RAW

PARIS: French politicians comment on victory of far-right National Front. RAW. TBA

BERLIN: Chancellor Merkel comments on election result. RAW. 1400 GMT

LONDON: Press conference by Nigel Farage after his eurosceptic UKIP party triumphs. RAW. 1600 GMT

ROME/MADRID/PARIS: Front pages of newspapers. RAW. 1200GMT

Filed over past 12 hours:

PARIS: Far-right National Front (FN) tops polls in elections with 26%, triggering a political earthquake.

- Party leader Marine Le Pen celebrates FN win. VID631028_EN / VID630993_EN / VID630977_EN

- Government ministers gather at the Elysee Palace following FN's major gains. VID631206_EN

BRUSSELS: Nigel Farage, the leader of Britain's eurosceptic UKIP party says his party is on course to spark "political earthquake". VID630033_EN

- Candidate for the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker insists he should be nominated president. VID631074_EN

- Heads of European parties comment on results. VID630020_EN

BERLIN: German online papers cover far right gains across Europe. RAW. VID631153_EN


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KIEV: Rolling news coverage reax to Ukraine's presidential election. RAW

- Front pages of Ukrainian newspapers and reax on Maidan square. 1000 GMT

- Petro Poroshenko holds press conference after claiming victory. 1130 GMT

- Press conference by OSCE election observers. 1500 GMT

DONETSK, UKRAINE: Main airport has been closed. 1000GMT

ODESSA: Reax from southern Ukraine. 1000GMT

MOSCOW: Monitoring Russian reax to election. TBC/ 1100GMT (Lavrov)

VARIOUS, EU: Monitoring EU reax to election. TBC

Filed over past 12 hours:

DONETSK, UKRAINE: The main airport in Donetsk shuts down after being raided by dozens of armed separatists. RAW. VID631139_EN

BRUSSELS: Candidate for the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker praises Ukraine for election. VID631085_EN

KIEV: Election officials count votes. RAW. VID631070_EN


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CAIRO/ALEXANDRIA: Rolling news coverage of presidential election. RAW. from 0700 GMT onwards

Filed over past 12 hours:

CAIRO: Polls open in presidential elections. RAW. VID634115_EN, VID6341174_EN

CAIRO: Ex-army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi casts his vote. RAW. VID631127_EN27_EN


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JERUSALEM: Pope Francis continues his visit to the Holy Land. RAW

-Meeting with Israeli President Shimon Peres 1000GMT

-Meeting with Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu 1100GMT

Filed over past 12 hours:

JERUSALEM: Pope becomes first pontiff to lay a wreath at Herzel grave. RAW. VID631179_EN

JERUSALEM: Pope visits Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. VID631147_EN

JERUSALEM: Pope visits Esplanade of the Mosques. RAW. VID631137_EN

JERUSALEM: Pope Francis calls for Christians, Jews and Muslims to work together for peace. RAW. VID631105_EN

JERUSALEM: Pope Francis pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. RAW. VID631111_EN / VID631143_EN

JERUSALEM: Pope Francis begins the final day of his three-day pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. RAW. VID631101_ENVID631101_EN



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NEW DELHI: Hindu nationalist leader Narendra Modi is sworn in as prime minister. RAW. TBA

ISLAMABAD: Pakistanis react to Modi's swearing in. RAW. 1100 GMT

BANGKOK: Monitoring anti-coup protests following threats from military chief to clamp down on demonstrations RAW. TBA

Filed over past 12 hours:

BANGKOK: Thailand's coup leader receives royal endorsement to lead and quickly threatens to crack down on any further protests. RAW. VID631140_EN

BANGKOK: The leader of mass protests against the former Thai government, Suthep Thaugsuban, is freed on bail. RAW. VID631150_EN

NEW DELHI: Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif arrives in New Delhi for the swearing-in ceremony of his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi. RAW. VID631122_EN

NEW DELHI: Narendra Modi visits a Gandhi memorial before his swearing in ceremony. RAW. VID631106_EN


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BRUSSELS: Monitoring investigation into the deadly attack at the Jewish Museum. RAW. 1200GMT (Press conference)

ISTANBUL: Iranian Foreign Minister meets Catherine Ashton. TBC

SARAJEVO: German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier arrives for a two-day visit to flood-stricken Bosnia. RAW. 1900GMT

LENS, FRANCE: The Louvre Lens unveils new exhibition 'The disasters of war'. RAW. TBA

PARIS: Singer Pharell Williams visits the French capital. RAW. 1400GMT

Filed over past 12 hours:

MOSCOW: Sentencing is expected of five men found guilty of the assassination of the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya. FILE. VID474908_EN

ANKARA: New hearing in trial of a policeman accused of killing a protester during mass street demonstrations last year. RAW. VID631155_EN

VARIOUS: LISBON: European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction releases its annual report on Tuesday. FILE. VID467139_EN


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BLANTYRE: Malawi's electoral authorities say they will re-open ballot boxes after finding evidence of irregularities. RAW. TBC

PRETORIA: Presentation of South African new government. RAW. 1600GMT

Filed over past 12 hours:

PRETORIA: Athlete Oscar Pistorius begins 30-day psychiatric evaluation as ordered by the judge in his murder trial to establish whether he is "criminally responsible" for killing his girlfriend. RAW. VID631144_EN / FILE. VID492020_EN

JOS, NIGERIA: Nigerians survey the aftermath of a car bomb explosion that killed at least three on Saturday. RAW. VID631037_EN


Filed over past 12 hours:

BOGOTA: Colombian opposition candidate Oscar Zuluaga leads President Juan Manuel Santos after the first round of the presidential election. RAW. VID631036_EN

- Santos says run-off election will be choice between peace and continuation of 50-year war with FARC rebels. VID631031_EN

- Vote counting. VID631049_EN

- Main candidates vote. VID630848_EN (Santos) VID630896_EN (Zuluaga)

- File images of two key candidates. FILE. VID629390_EN (Zuluaga) VID629342_EN (Santos)

SAN CRISTOBAL, VENEZUELA: Venezuelans in San Cristobal, birthplace of the recent anti-government protests, elect the wife of the ousted mayor Daniel Ceballos to run the city. RAW. VID631098_EN


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WASHINGTON: National Memorial Day parade in Washington. RAW. TBA

Filed over past 12 hours:

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA: The Sheriff of Santa Barbara County says a 22-year-old man who murdered six people in a violent rampage had previously convinced police he was not a threat to others. RAW. VID631047_EN

WASHINGTON: Thousands of bikers roar through Washington for the annual Rolling Thunder rally, given added fervor this year amid anger over an ongoing scandal concerning medical care for veterans. RAW. VID630982_EN

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Ahead of the World Cup:

TOKYO: Japan's national team holds a training session ahead friendly against Cyprus. RAW. TBA

TERESOPOLIS, BRAZIL: Brazil squad arrives at its training camp. RAW. 1600 GMT (arrival) TBA (presser)

CLAIREFONTAINE, FRANCE: Pre-match presser and training for the French squad ahead of their friendly against Norway on Tuesday. RAW. 2000 GMT

Filed over past 12 hours:

MONROVIA: Former FIFA World Player of the Year-turned politician George Weah talks to AFP about his ambitions lead Liberia and his ongoing passion for football. RAW. VID629949_EN

Ahead of the World Cup:

VARIOUS: Four-time World Player of the Year Argentinean striker Lionel Messi will be a player to watch during the World Cup. FILE. VID574698_EN


Filed over past 12 hours:

TAIPEI: A quarter of a century after Communist authorities crushed the Tiananmen Square demonstrators and their hopes of reform, protest leader Wu'er Kaixi is still haunted by the experience. RAW. VID631096_EN


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