Jihad-linked unrest in Tunisia since 2012

A timeline of unrest linked to Islamist militants in Tunisia since May 2012, after 14 Tunisian soldiers were killed late Wednesday in the worst such attack in the army's history.


- May 26: Hardline Salafists, some armed with clubs and swords, torch police stations and shops that sell alcohol in the northwestern governorate of Jendouba.

- August 17: Around 200 hardline Islamists armed with swords and sticks attack a cultural festival at Bizerte in northern Tunisia.

- September 14: An angry mob, including suspected jihadists, storms the US embassy in Tunis protesting over a film mocking Islam. Four attackers are killed, while dozens are injured.

- 10 December: A paramilitary policeman is killed and four wounded in fighting with suspected Islamist gunmen in the Kasserine region of western Tunisia.

A two-week manhunt follows near Mount Chaambi, close to the border with Algeria.

- December 21: The interior ministry says it has arrested 16 men who belong to Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) in two western towns close to the border with Algeria.


- May 19: Security forces and militants from the main Islamist movement Ansar al-Sharia clash after a congress of the group in Kairouan is banned.

- July 29: Eight soldiers are killed and their bodies mutilated in an ambush on Mount Chaambi.

- August 2: The army announces a "huge" air and ground assault against armed militants in the area around Mount Chaambi.

- August 27: Islamist Prime Minister Ali Larayedh announces that Ansar al-Sharia is linked to Al-Qaeda. He says it was behind the assassinations of two opposition politicians, Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi, whose deaths sparked social and political upheaval, as well as members of the police and the army.

- October 30: A suicide bomber blows himself up on a beach in the resort town of Sousse, killing no one else, while security forces foil another planned attack nearby. The authorities blame Ansar al-Sharia.


- February 4: The suspected Islamist assassin of Belaid is killed in a police raid, one of "seven heavily armed terrorists" killed, according to Tunis.

- June 13: In the first such claim of responsibility, AQIM says it was responsible for a recent attack on the home of Tunisia's interior minister that killed four policemen.

- July 2: Four Tunisian soldiers are killed by a land mine in the northwestern Kef governorate.

- July 16: Assailants kill 14 Tunisian soldiers in the Mount Chaambi region. The defence ministry says two "terrorist groups" opened fire on twin army posts with machine-guns and grenade launchers.