NBA: League eyes week-long All-Star break

The NBA is considering extending its annual all-star game break from three days to a full week so players have a longer mid-season rest, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Saturday.

Citing an unnamed NBA source, the newspaper reported that the plan would give players seven days off in mid-February but increase the number of back-to-back games played during the rest of the season by one or two per club.

The newspaper said the league is using the week-long gap model when planning its schedule, which will be released next month after a delay so television partners can adjust to changes such as the blockbuster move of LeBron James from Miami to Cleveland and plan accordingly.

Next year's NBA All-Star Game is set for February 13-15 in New York with events split between the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and Madison Square Garden in Manhattan.

It would actually fall about three weeks beyond the point where most teams reach the halfway mark in their 82-game seasons.

Players have sought a longer mid-season rest, notably the elite stars whose participation in the annual all-star events mean they have no extra rest like the rank and file millionaire NBA talent.

Teams generall have five days off booked into their schedules around the break, some teams starting that period later than others to allow for games every night and time to travel to and from the host city and reconnect with club teammates.

The upcoming NBA season is set to begin October 28 and end on April 15, 2015 with the playoffs to start April 18.