Israel's Operation Protective Edge in Gaza

Key events in Operation Protective Edge, the Israeli offensive in Gaza that began on July 8 that was briefly marked by a truce Friday before bloody clashes resumed.

The operation is Israel's most deadly since 2009, killing at least 1,500 Palestinians, mostly civilians.

Three civilians have been killed on Israeli soil, as well as 63 soldiers.

JULY, 2014

8: Israel launches Operation Protective Edge, with air strikes on Gaza to counter rocket fire from Palestinian militants.

9: Israel continues air strikes as Hamas fires rockets at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

12: Fifty-six Palestinians killed, including two heavily handicapped women.

13: Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas asks the UN to put the state of Palestine under "international protection".

15: Israel's security cabinet accepts a ceasefire proposal from Egypt. Hamas rejects it, and demands an end to the blockade of Gaza in effect since 2006.

Israel resumes raids after the truce fails to hold.

16: Israel intensifies its bombardment, killing at least 25 Palestinians, including eight children, four of whom were on a beach.

17: Israel launches a ground operation preceded by an intense bombardment. It is the first ground operation since the 2008-2009 Operation Cast Lead in which 1,440 Palestinians were killed.

20: The deadliest day of the offensive, with more than 140 Palestinians killed, including 74 in Shejaiya east of Gaza City. On the Israeli side 13 soldiers are killed.

21: UN chief Ban Ki-moon and US Secretary of State John Kerry meet in Cairo to push for peace.

23: The UN calls for an investigation into possible Israeli "war crimes" in Gaza and condemns Hamas attacks on Israel.

26: During a humanitarian truce, many displaced Palestinians return to their neighbourhoods only to find houses in ruins. Some 150 bodies are pulled from the rubble.

Meeting in Paris, foreign ministers from eight countries or entities urge an extended truce.

27: Fighting resumes, and the overall Palestinian toll tops 1,000. US President Barack Obama emphasises the need for an Israeli ceasefire.

28: Gazans mark a sombre end to Ramadan. The UN Security Council urges an unconditional humanitarian ceasefire.

30: Almost 120 Palestinians killed. A market in Shejaiya and a UN-run school in Jabaliya are hit. The United States confirms it had restocked Israel's supplies of ammunition, hours after issuing a strong condemnation of the school attack.

31: Israeli mobilises another 16,000 reservists, bringing their number to 86,000. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he wants the army to "finish this mission".


1: A three-day humanitarian truce collapses only hours after it began amid a deadly new wave of violence and the apparent capture by Hamas of an Israeli soldier. Israel and Hamas trade blame and Washington blames Hamas for the "barbaric" breakdown of the ceasefire.