Arts agenda: Michael Landy's 'Saints Alive'

Michael Landy's bold re-animation of classical art opens at the National Gallery in London, Boris Chaliapin's iconic portraiture for TIME magazine is aired at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, and contemporary conceptualist Cildo Meireles is installed at the Renia Sofia in Madrid.

Mr. TIME: Portraits by Boris ChaliapinMay 17 - January 5, 2014National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC, USA

Over 400 of TIME Magazine's painted cover portraits were supplied by Russian-born Chaliapin between 1942 and 1970, with upwards of 300 within the confines of the NPG's collection and 26 originals, to form part of its retrospective

Michael Landy: Saints AliveMay 23 - November 24The National Gallery, London, UK

Landy's appointment as one of the National Gallery's artists-in-residence has seen him re-contextualize some of the gallery's own paintings, reimagining their subjects as oversized sculptures, adorning those sacred saints with modern-day machine parts and other carefully selected objects ready to be cranked to life by gallery visitors. Renaissance works include portraits of Saint Jerome by Crivelli and Tura, Cranach's Saints Genevieve and Apollonia, and Sassetta's Stigmatisation of Saint

Cildo Meireles May 24 - September 9Museo Renia Sofia, Madrid, Spain

Concept art arrives at the Museo Nacional courtesy of Velazquez Prize winner Meireles and partner museums in Portugal and Italy, with works both old and new including a debut showing for the Amerikka

Curiosity: Art and the Pleasures of KnowingMay 25 - September 1Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK

The Horniman Museum's huge stuffed walrus, Albrecht Dürer's historic Rhinoceros woodcutting, Roger Caillois's mineral collection and an Antarctic penguin are presented in juxtaposition with submissions from contemporary artists -- see if that doesn't spark your own impulse to

Yo Picasso: Self PortraitsMay 31 - September 1Museo Picasso, Barcelona, Spain

A major exhibition of Pablo Picasso's self-portraits allows visitors to experience the wide-ranging purposes of this tried and tested artistic discipline: sometimes factual, sometimes experimental, some for show and others for

Venice BiennaleJune 1 - November 24Venice, Italy

The next five months see Venice host its international film festival, art and architecture exhibitions, and festivals in theatre and contemporary music and dance. The Art Biennale is accomodated by the Giardini, Arsenale, and other venues with 'The Encyclopedic Palace' as its theme and works contributed by 150 artists from 37