Sneak peek video: riots and massive sound to promote Metallica movie

"Metallica Through the Never" has put out a sneak peek clip in the runup to its theatrical release in the fall.

Posted on Yahoo!, the teaser trailer gives a pretty graphic sense of what's in store: a furious fusion of fiction and music documentary, blending a narrative storyline with footage of raucous live concerts by the heavy metal band from L.A.

Dane DeHaan ("Chronicle") will play the lead as a roadie on a Metallica tour. The clip shows him driving a van that crashes, then crawling out to find himself amid a violent, ominously twilit mass riot that segues into a rip-roaring concert in the round.

Shot in 3D, "Metallica Through The Never" is directed by Nimrod Antal ("Predators"). The picture will be hitting Imax 3D theaters in North America on September 27, and showing at conventional cinemas from October 4.

Check out the teaser trailer to "Metallica through The Never":