Social Star Awards honor Bieber, One Direction

Over 24 hours from May 22-23 the inaugural Social Star Awards, honoring celebrities and brands for their social media presence, took place in Singapore.

The awards were set up by social media aggregator Starcount and were designed to honor celebrities, films, TV shows and brands for their popularity across the world's 11 biggest social media platforms, which are monitored by Starcount. The awards featured performances by internationally acclaimed artists such as Aerosmith and Psy.

In addition to honoring celebrities, brands, games, sports people, sports teams, movies and TV shows the inaugural Social Star Awards also handed out the "Almighty" award, designed to honor the most popular person across all of the 11 social media platforms tracked by Starcount. The "Almighty" award was, perhaps unsurprisingly, awarded to international pop star Justin Bieber, who is renowned for his active social media presence and that of his fans.

The winners across the 11 main categories were as follows:

Music Star - Justin Bieber

Music Group - One Direction

Film - "The Twilight Saga"

TV - "The Ellen Degeneres Show"

Actor - Selena Gomez

Sports Team - FC Barcelona

Sportsperson - Cristiano Ronaldo

Game - "Candy Crush Saga"

Social Media Star - PewDiePie

Brand - Samsung Mobile

Almighty - Justin Bieber

A full list of all 288 winners can be found at: