'24' sequel, originally slated for theatrical release, will finally be made for TV

The Fox network plans to resurrect its world-famous action series after its conclusion in 2010, reveals Deadline.com. Kiefer Sutherland has already been asked to revive his role as the indefatigable Jack Bauer.

Since May 24, 2010, when the last episode of "24" was broadcast in the US, fans of LA Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) superagent Jack Bauer have been yearning to see their hero again in movie theaters. But budgetary issues and Kiefer Sutherland's scheduling conflicts have torpedoed the project.

However, now that the Canadian actor has been released from his obligations in "Touch," a thriller drama series Fox has decided to cancel after two seasons, the network plans to bring "24" back with great pomp and ceremony. The sequel won't take the form of a whole season but will be scaled down to a mini-series.

Long-serving "24" producer and showrunner Howard Gordon, who also co-developed the successful thriller series "Homeland," is to spearhead the sequel. He'll be backed up by David Fury, another executive producer who was in on the act from the get-go.

Started up in November 2001 in the US, "24" called it a day in 2010 after eight seasons. This award-winning action series also spawned a TV film, "24: Redemption," which serves as a link between seasons 6 and 7.