Google+ trends: Nokia launches Lumia 925, Google 'Breakout'

On Tuesday, May 14, Google+ users are talking about the just-launched Nokia Lumia 925 and a playable version of the Atari game "Breakout" from Google. 

The Lumina 925 was launched by Nokia on May 14 at a special event in London. The phone, Nokia's flagship device, runs Windows 8 OS and boasts a Snapdragon S4 processor and 2,000 mAh battery, the same as its predecessor, the Lumia 920. Cosmetically speaking the biggest difference between the 920 and the 925 is the addition of a metal frame and the limited choice of grey, white or black rather than the brightly colored plastic casing found on the previous device.

The Nokia Lumia 925 will be the company's flagship device, available via T- Mobile in the USA, and will launch in Europe and China this June.

Elsewhere on Google+ users are talking about the Easter egg hidden in Google's image search to celebrate the 37th anniversary of the Atari video game "Breakout." Google is marking this anniversary with a playable version of the game available to anyone who types "atari breakout" into Google image search.

The top 5 most talked about topics on Google+ on May 14 at 10:15 AM GMT are:

01. #Breakout02. Angelina Jolie03. Nokia04. #Minnesota05. #TransportTuesday