Google's 'Chrome Racer' brings slot car fun to multiple mobiles

With race tracks split across a number of devices, and announced during the Google I/O conference, slot car game "Chrome Racer" is a showcase for the Chrome web browser on mobiles and tablets.

Once the Chrome browser is up and running, and each Android or iOS device has navigated its way to (or via the shortcode, Google does the rest and plots a track across the assembled screens.

Touching a screen causes that racer's car to go faster, releasing results in decceleration; as with slot car circuit races, players trade speed against the security of staying on the track.

It's an intriguing evolution of Google's web-based range of Experiments, which led to recent word of mouth hit "GeoGuessr," as well as Google Maps' own marble madness "Cube," a new lease of life for classic game "Another World," and "Ellie Goulding's Lights."cp/kc