Cannes buzz: 'Only God Forgives'

On Wednesday, May 22, Nicolas Winding Refn's film "Only God Forgives," which stars Ryan Gosling and Kristin Scott Thomas, is causing a stir across the social networks; but not all reactions to the film are positive.

Nicolas Winding Refn's tale of revenge set in Bangkok is getting a rather mixed reaction across the social networks after screening at Cannes. Programmer for Showroom cinema Joan Parsons gave a general overview of how the film was received, tweeting from her personal account (@joan_parsons), "Only god forgives was met with quite a few walk-outs. Not me though I just closed my eyes at gory bits."

Film critic for English newspaper The Guardian Peter Bradshaw (@peterbradshaw1) gave a more cryptic take, tweeting "I have just watched Only God Forgives (dir. Nicolas Winding Refn)... I... It... I... *eyeballs roll back into head, falls over*," though Bradshaw then went on to give the film five stars. On the other end of the scale Dave Calhoun (@davecalhoun), film reviewer for Time Out, who gave "Only God Forgives" one star, posted a scathing tweet: "CANNES: 'Only God Forgives'. You can bathe a corpse in neon and dress it in smart suits, but the smell will still persist. Insulting"; and film critic David Neary (@DeusExCinema) wrote, "Only God forgives is style beating substance across the face with a hot wok."

Freelance film critic Guy Lodge (@GuyLodge) on the other hand seems to take the middle ground, tweeting "My review of ONLY GOD FORGIVES, which I like more than some and less than others. Controversial!"tb/kc