Twitter index: Xbox One region-locked

On Monday, May 27, Twitter users are discussing the news that Microsoft's hotly buzzed next gen games console will be region-locked, and mourning the death of actor Bill Pertwee.

The Xbox One, which was recently launched to huge media attention, will be region-locked, according to reports. Essentially region locking prevents players from importing games from cheaper regions or obtaining games not available in their country or language. The decision to region-lock the Xbox One is hardly an unusual step in the gaming industry, with previous consoles such as the Xbox 360, for example, coming region-locked as standard. However, despite region-locking's being a common practice, it has not stopped the news from sweeping Twitter and is the major reason why "Xbox One" is trending.

Elsewhere on Twitter microbloggers are reacting to the news of the death of actor Bill Pertwee. Pertwee, who was best known for playing the role of Warden Hodges in the 1970's BBC comedy "Dad's Army," died on May 27 at the age of 86.

Today's seventh-placed trend, "RIP Lady Gaga," is the latest in a series of celebrity death hoaxes to have swept Twitter. The trend is a reaction to rumors that began on Saturday regarding the singer's death; despite the rumors' being discredited by the singer's agents, they continue to persist on Twitter.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on May 27 at 12:00 pm GMT are:

01. Happy Memorial Day02. #BeforeIDieIWantTo03. #ThingsIMissAboutMyChildhood04. Fred Nile05. #dialettoday06. #VeBiriÇikar07. RIP Lady Gaga08. #gizligüçlerimolsa09.  Xbox One10. Bill Pertwee