First Haswell PCs to launch in June

An anouncement that the first devices powered by Intel’s new super-efficient architecture will debut next week is stoking rumors that a new line of Apple ultra-mobile computers could be launched at its developers conference in a few weeks’ time.

Intel is so certain of the chipset’s performance compared with what has gone before that in a media briefing over the weekend to coincide with the first Haswell-powered devices coming to market, Rani Borkar, vice president and general manager of the Intel Architecture Group, claimed that in standby mode, a device using the new processor has 20 times better power efficiency while, during normal levels of use, device owners should experience 50% better battery life. Graphics performance will also be enhanced significantly - 200%-300% better than what was possible through the company’s last generation of power-efficient mobile chipset (codenamed Ivy Bridge).

HP has already announced a number of devices scheduled for launch in June which use Intel’s new chip architecture, but the excitement around the new processor’s performance is largely focused around Apple. Its developer conference is about to get underway and now that Intel has confirmed that the Haswell Chip will officially debut on June 5, the Apple rumor mill is working overtime with the latest reports claiming a new range of super-efficient MacBook Air notebooks will be unveiled at Apple’s event.

Apple’s existing range of ultrabooks already offer best-in-class performance in terms of battery life and productivity. With the new chipset installed, the next generation of MacBook Air computers could conceivably run for 15 hours between charges -- no wonder everyone’s getting so