LG launching a white version of its Nexus 4

LG's Nexus 4, the pure Android experience smartphone, is offering all of the same specifications but in a different color.

The South Korean tech company has confirmed rumors: it is launching a white version of its Google-developed smartphone, although other than its exterior finish it is exactly the same as the existing black handset. Earlier reports had suggested that the phone would launch with a new version fo Android, Google’s smartphone and tablet operating system, but the spec sheet reveals that behind the white veneer, it has the same processor, display, RAM and version of Android Jelly Bean as its black counterpart.

Still, this is not a bad thing. The Nexus 4 is one of the best Android phones on the market thanks to its pure OS experience that strips away unnecessary third-party apps in favor of optimizing the latest features of the stock operating system. What’s more, the Nexus badge guarantees that the handset will work with the next version of the Android operating system and that it will definitely be updated and supported by Google for at least two years, a guarantee owners of other Android handsets, even the Samsung Galaxy SIV, don’t have.

Little wonder then that the original Nexus 4 has been a huge hit and it could have been even more popular if Google and LG had been able to deal with the supply chain problems that adversely affected early sales when it first launched in November.

Set to launch on May 29 in Hong Kong,  the new version fo the phone will roll out globally in select Asian, European and Middle Eastern markets and in North America over the coming weeks.ch/kc