'Minecraft' studio gives 'Scrolls' June release and trailer

"Scrolls," the sophomore effort from "Minecraft" developer Mojang, will be released for Windows and Mac OS X on June 3, with a launch trailer to whet appetites until then.

Card games and board games meet in "Scrolls" as players deploy small armies on a compact, hex-based battlefield; each has a deck of scrolls to draw upon and various resources to spend.

The runaway success of "Minecraft" provided creator Markus Persson with both the funds and the necessity to set up a studio under the Mojang moniker.

"Scrolls" will use a similar development model to "Minecraft," Mojang's accessible cooperative exploration game that proved a runaway success, with Mojang committed to providing numerous "Scrolls" updates following its release, and an Open Beta price of $20 / €15 / £13.

"Minecraft," with its distinctive blocky graphics and an emphasis on creativity and construction, had sold more than 20 million copies on computers, Android and iOS smartphones, and Xbox 360 by April 2013.

"Official Scrolls Launch Trailer": youtu.be/ZdZpx2vyCm0Official website: scrolls.com